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He was someone who enjoyed masturbating several times a day because he could literally “cum and go” without having to say a word to anyone. No excuses, no “I have to leave”, no one to answer to.

He thought of only one woman every time he touched his cock and he got so hard thinking about fucking her. She had started dating several guys and this pissed him off so much he blocked her and deleted himself from the sites that he got so much bdsm information from.

He was a guy that enjoyed his fantasies but was too afraid to go for the things that fed his dark side. He was in a roll reversal of Fifty Shades of Grey as she was the one into bdsm and he was the billionaire.

He knew she knew who he really was no matter how much he tried to hide he always failed. She knew it was him masturbating because she knew that cock anywhere and yes she did enjoy watching him pleasure himself.

She got so wet watching him stroke his cock that she had to take care of her own needs when he was done. He didn’t know that she knew it was him and he didn’t know she had seen his face for a split second when he was moving about to situate himself to cum for her.

She was not impressed with him at all and this was something that bothered him as he did respect her and he did want her but he also knew she was not a woman to trifle with. He knew he was the type of guy that just wanted to fuck and move on and she wasn’t that kind of woman at all.

She didn’t care that he had closed his online accounts because she knew he did it to avoid her. She also knew he would try damn hard to turn his back on her but that would never last very long.

Logically, it made no sense that he would have a soulmate but the truth was she and he were soulmates no matter how one or both denied the truth. He annoyed her and pissed her off at times and she did the same to him but both of them wanted to meet each other regardless.

She knew he would contact her again because he wanted her to watch him masturbate because that is the closest he would let himself get to her. He got so damn turned on knowing that she was watching him and he so wished she would stand in front of him and watch him, even help him.

He wanted to fuck her so bad but he was afraid she would fall for him even though that would not happen as she wouldn’t allow it. She was fearful that he would fall in love with her and she would hurt him because she didn’t want him to fall for her. She wasnt a woman he could play with like the others and yes she could destroy him.

He was doing nothing more than torturing himself when it came to her but that wasnt her fault. She was his mirror image in so many ways and she was so much wiser than most women he had known.

He had to decide what he was going to do about her and just fucking do it. Either meet her or walk away for good and he knew he could never walk away. He was trying damn hard but he had already failed once again and this so pissed him off. His own emotions for her owned him and controlled him and this hadn’t happened since he was in his teens.