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He was a corporate man, a man who the corporate world respected and looked to when they needed direction or answers. Life had always been that way for him, always the leader, always at the head of the table.

He got so damn tired of always having to be “on” and he just wanted some time to be nothing but a submissive man. He knew that being submissive didn’t miminize him as a man and he felt so at home doing for the one he adored.

He lived to make her life easier and doing for her was all he truly desired. He enjoyed cleaning house, doing laundry, washing dishes, laying out her clothing for the day and doing what ever she wished of him.

He was so handy as well as he enjoyed painting, doing electrical work and making any required repairs around the house. He had a side of him that some would call twisted but he so enjoyed when she punished him.

He really enjoyed leaning over her lap with his bare ass exposed for her to spank and he especially enjoyed it when she put a humbler on his balls so he would be forced to stay on all fours.

He was constantly sexually aroused and always thought about sex and fucking and she knew this was a weakness he had. She knew all she had to do was walk around in her panties or naked and that would make his cock so damn hard.

This particular day was going to be fun and he knew the minute she ordered him to get naked and get on all fours. He knew she would put the humbler on him and force him to please her.

He had already drawn her a bubble bath and laid out her clothing for the day and he waited in the bathroom as she had directed him. She walked into the bath and removed her clothing as he watched with excitement growing between his legs.

He so enjoyed it when she took a bath as he so loved to bathe her and touch her in places he wasn’t allowed to touch unless given specific permission. He enjoyed washing her chest and nipples and cleansing her labias, taint and asshole.

He had learned to shave her legs and crotch to a smoothness that unbelievably sexy as hell. He washed her feet, legs and ass then she turned over in the tub for him to wash her back.

He loved to slip in hands under her armpits and around to her tits and she slowly rolled over for him to wash her breasts again. She then sat up in the tub and we washed her hair and massaged her scalp.

He rinsed her hair and then put the creme rinse on it and she smiled up at him. She was such a lovely woman, a woman who did as much for him as he did for her and she respected him more than anyone ever had.

He could be himself around her without judgement and that alone was worth its weight in gold. She never batted an eye when he requested to wear panties and she never judged him like so many others  had.

He loved her so because she was such a rare bird in so many ways. She was an intelligent, sexy, warm, loving and kind woman but very few ever saw the real her. She had a hard life and because of that she had a somewhat calloused exterior but the truth was she was a real softie when you got to know her.

He had gotten lost in thought and her voice pulled him back into the current time and place that he was in. She was telling him to hand her a towel as she stood up in the tub.

She wrapped her hair in the towel and he took the other towel and dried her off gently. He then wrapped her in a plush white robe and helped her slip her feet into the matching mules.

She told him to get the massage oil and he knew that he was going to enjoy the massage as much if not more than she was. She headed to the bed, sat down and removed the mules and robe.

Her naked body was such a turn on to him because he loved her so and he saw past her extra padded body. He saw into her soul and that is why he fell so deeply in love with her.

He followed her to the bed on all fours with the oil in one hand and he asked for her permission to join her on the bed. She allowed him the pleasure and told him she wanted a full body massage.

He had learned how to give great massages and he gingerly climbed upon the bed. The humbler was quite restraining and made it difficult if not impossible to stand straight up.

He applied the oil to her back, buttocks and backside of her legs and he could feel the tension leaving her body as he massaged her back. He was ordered to kiss her neck and to be physically romantic with her.

He was given permission to touch her body in any way that would bring her pleasure. He slowly rubbed oil down the sides of her body and that gave him access to her side boobs.

He kissed her neck and down her back and he ran his hand between the cheeks of her ass and down to her wet spot. He massaged her labias and fingered her clit and he grabbed her hips and pulled her up on all fours.

He buried his face into her lovely pussy and he licked and sucked on her clit while digging his fingers into her ass cheeks. He was so damn excited his cock was dripping pre cum and he was afraid that he was going to explode.

She ordered him to turn around so his ass was facing her and she removed the humbler and began to lick and suck on his balls while she stroked his hard cock. She wanted that cock and he knew it but she wasn’t going to let him fuck her right away.

She licked his asshole and massaged his balls and cock and then she fingered his ass. He was really enjoying this time with her and he couldn’t wait to bury himself inside of her warmth.

She had spread her legs as far open as she could as he continued to play with her wetness and he had bent down and licked her wetness loving the taste of her. He continued to finger her pussy while he sucked on her clit and she let go with an astounding climax.

She was very vocal and he loved it when she screamed out “fuck me, fuck me now damn you. She wanted him to be forceful with her, to take her at his own rate and she ordered him to do just that.

He pushed her down on the bed and flipped her over and pulled her ass up placing her on her knees. He slowly put the tip of his cock into her pussy and told her to tell him what she wanted.

She told him “I want you to fuck me, fuck me deep and give me every inch of your hardness.” She said take me my dear, take me like it’s the first time and he did exactly as she requested.

He buried his cock deep inside of her and grabbing her hips he thrusted his big cock into her juiciness. He was falling deeper and deeper in love with this woman and every time they had sex they became closer.

She told him to fuck her, keep fucking me dear and he did and they moved in unison and finally both of them came together as one. Their orgasms mirrored each other and they fell into an exhausted physical state.

Lying in each others arms they fell into a wonderful, blissful sleep and it felt right, it felt comfortable and it felt as if they were meant to be together forever. Their bodies felt as if they had become one and that is what happens when you finally meet your soulmate and they had met theirs.