He had taken his obsession to a totally new level and there were only two people aware of what he had done. He had the resources to get anything he wanted done and he knew early on in life that money bought him anything or almost anyone.

He had basically stalked her online for years but he wanted more, so much more. He finally took the step that he never thought he would and he hired a professional to break into her house and plant cameras around her home.

He felt so in control of her now because he could actually be anywhere in the world and watch her from afar. He liked  knowing her routine of daily living. He knew when she went to work out, when she went to school and even when she went out on a date.

He got so damn excited and he felt so powerful to be able to spy on her at anytime and yes it was twisted of him but he didn’t care. He enjoyed watching the many cameras in home as they showed him so much about her.

She walked around the house naked quite a bit even though it was winter and he so enjoyed looking at her naked body. She had quit smoking the previous year and the only vice he could see that she had was her addiction to chocolate.

She had such a basic routine and rarely did she ever deviate from it. She sat on the couch with her computer on her coffee table. She usually had the tv on but she was always studying and watched very little tv.

He assumed the tv was on just for noise and her two miniature yorkies where always by her side. The one thing that amazed him was how often she masturbated and he found this to be so damn exciting.

She would either go into her bedroom and lie on the bed running her hands over her entire upper torso or she would lie on the bed and slowly massage her own sensual area.

He always wondered what or who she was thinking about when she masturbated and he was so hoping it was him that filled her fantasy. She would run her hands over her boobs and lightly pinch her nipples and he could hear her slight moans of pleasure.

She would open the body of massage oil and pour just a trace amount upon her chest and then work the oil into her body. Her hands had a mind of their own as they found their way to her pleasure point.

Little did she know he was watching her every move and as he watched her his cock got harder and harder. He felt the need to join her as he got so turned on watching her please herself.

He stroked his cock and rubbed his balls as he watched her manipulate her clit. She had spread her legs and her mound was bare of any hair which was sexy as hell. There she laid with legs apart and knees bent as she played with her clit.

Out of no where she pulled out a steel bullet a.k.a. as a vibrator and she placed it in a position to  manipulate her clit. He watched her and he stroked himself faster and faster as he listened to her moans as she was about to cum.

He could tell by her sounds that she was in the throws of an orgasm and those cries led him to let his own orgasm come forth. He was sitting back in his chair and wasn’t aware of where is cum was going to end up when he was milking his cock.

Once he was done with his orgasm he opened his eyes only to see his computer screen covered with his own milking. He looked closely at the screen and his cum had shot across her face and that was the ultimate turn on.

He had always wanted to cum on her tits and face and he finally had done it. Even though it was on a computer screen with her in the back drop he still had shot his wad in her face and on her tits.

He recorded the scenes and he replayed them over and over every time he masturbated. She was creative and inventive and he never knew when she would pleasure herself or where.

He had watched her masturbate in her kitchen, great room, study and bedroom and the only place he didn’t watch her was in her bathroom. He felt that she needed a certain amount of privacy and so he didn’t  have a camera placed in her bathroom.

He enjoyed watching her in her bedroom and great room because the cameras had been placed to get a perfect view of her and he could actually manipulate them to get a close up view of her.

He knew that he had taken voyerism to a new level but he just could not help himself as he wanted her so bad. He wanted to taste her sweetness and bury his cock deep within her. He wanted this woman and he was slowly building up the nerve to meet her.

She would never know he had watched her in her most private moments and she would never know that he had done this for a very long time. She would never know the things he had done in the name of “love” for her.

She didn’t know it yet but she was his and he would have her when the time was right. She could date all she wanted but he knew that they never could hold a candle to him and when she met him she would drop the others without hesitation.