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She looked in the mirror and decided to add a bit of color to her eyes. She picked up the eye liner and slowly traced her eyes to make them more appealing. She then picked up her lipstick and painted her lips a luscious pink that made you want to kiss her.

She had put on her push up bra to make her boobs rounder and fuller and she had tied her shirt just under her bra. Her middle was exposed and as your eyes followed down her body you could see the cute little school girl skirt she wore.

She had on white knee high sox and black and white oxford shoes which made her out to be one sexy little school girl. She knew that her outfit would turn him on as the thought of fucking a school girl was such a turn on for him.

She brushed her hair and put on her school girl head band and out the door she went. She would walk to the corner and he would pull up in his Mercedes and ask her if she would like a ride home and of course she would play along. The car pulled up next to her and he invited her to ride with him and he would take her home.

This was all a prelude to some wild and sexy events yet to come that evening.  He asked her if she liked school and what her favorite subject was and she engaged in the discussion without hesitation.

He asked her if she would mind sliding closer to him as he was afraid the car door might open and she would fall out. She slid over knowing damn well that he wasn’t one bit concerned about the car door.

He continued to talk to her and he placed his hand on her knee and slowly moved his hand up under her skirt. He acted as if what he was doing was acceptable and he moved his hand up over her smooth thigh to the crotch of her panties.

He slipped his finger under her panties and found began to massage her clit and finger her pussy. She spread her legs and told him that she enjoyed what he was doing to her and asked him if he would mind if she played as well.

He said “of course not” and she unzipped his pants and placed her hand under the top of his briefs and found the head of his hard cock. she ran her thumb over the head and she could feel the lubrication of pre cum.

She was pleased to see that he had found an abandoned dirt road to take a drive on and she positioned herself on her knees with her face in his crotch. He slipped his hand over her ass and under her panties and stroked her clit.

She took his cock into her mouth and stroked him as she deep-throated his member. He stroked her clit faster and faster as his cock was begging to be set free from the restraining clothing.

He could no longer stand it and he pulled over the car and asked her to follow him behind the car. She knew the procedure as they had played this game numerous times before and she leaned over the trunk of the car.

He used his knees to spread her legs and he grabbed her hips and placed her in a perfect position to fuck her. He slipped his cock inside of her and went in and out a few times just to get her more excited and then he pulled out.

He turned her around and roughly massaged her tits and undid her top and began to suck on left nipple, then the right one.

He grabbed her hair and forced her on her knees to suck his cock and she did so without hesitation. She cupped his balls and massaged his taint and she stroked his cock with her hand and mouth.

He placed his hand on the back of her head and forced her to take him as deep as she could into her throat. He could feel the build up of cum and she could as well as she stroked him.

He shot his hot cum into her throat and she swallowed every ounce of it with pleasure. She then made his cock rock hard once again and he pulled her up by her hair and forced her onto the trunk of the car.

He forced her legs apart and thrust his hard cock into her pussy and fucked her slowly. She wanted him to fuck her faster and she had to beg him to accommodate her and he did with pleasure.

He stroked her clit as he fucked her wetness and she shouted out as she came over and over. He then had her turn over and he placed the condom on his still hard cock and slowly entered her ass.

He so loved fucking her pussy as well as her ass and she was always willing to please him. She begged him to fuck her and told him that she had been a good little girl and she wanted him to fuck her ass good.

He loved when she talked dirty to him and once again he shot his hot cum and then he leaned over and rested his chest onto her back. Both had been sexually satisfied and quite pleased.

She told him that it was time for “daddy’s little girl to get back home” and he agreed. They drove back to her neighborhood and he dropped her off at the corner and told her that she was a wonderful little girl and he enjoyed her and she thanked him for the ride home and walked back to her house to enjoy the rest of the evening.