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I gave the boys a bath and then I bathed myself in the lovely heat of the water. I lathered up the loofah and slowly washed my legs and my womanly sensual area. I then washed my breasts and the rest of my body.

I am a very sensual and sexual woman and not having sex makes me literally crazy so I must masturbate at least once a day. Yes, I am aware this is not average for a woman my age but I am not your average 55 yr. old female.

I am in no way my given age as I think so much younger and act so much younger as well. I have thought myself to be quite an odd duck my entire life and as I get older I do not fit the average mold for someone my age I think I am just plain fucking weird.

So many people meet me and cannot believe I am my age because I act so much younger and look so much younger as well. I think we let our actual age lead the way we live our lives and that is just wrong.

We are taught that age means so much as we are legally adults at 18, can legally vote at 18, can legally drink at 21 in my state, we get social security at 62 and so on. We tend to let our age control us in our actions and that is bullshit.

I recently met a dom that was 62 and he was quite surprised that I was 55 and a domme’ as I am very caring and not a sadistic bitch like so many domme’s are. Most domme’s tend to be very physically abusive and there is no excuse for it as far as I can see.

I am a sensual domme’ as I care for people deeply and I have learned that encouraging people to expose their wants, needs and wishes is quite erotic in itself. When you encourage someone to be themselves and accept them for who they are you are giving them something most people do not or will not.

It takes a damn strong individual to let others be themselves without attempting to own them or control them. When you encourage others to open up you are allowing them to blossom and grow as an individual.

I prefer to show kindness to others but I also have the ability to  do some physical damage if need be. I keep myself in check because it’s more important to let others be themselves as it helps them grow as a person.

I love the feel of a man’s body against my own and I love to massage a man’s body from his toes to his balls and from his balls to his head. I enjoy using warm oil to massage his body so I can slither up and down his warmth. This is where my age has come in handy as I have so much sexual experience.

I prefer to encourage a man to let out his kinky side and I so enjoy exploring his desires with him. There are things that I have tried sexually that didn’t go so well but that only makes me want to try them again.

I need a very sexual man, a man who loves sex as much as myself and a man who loves romance. I need a man who loves to experience things that come as a surprise, like a quick blowjob in an elevator.

I may be kinky to many but I prefer to look at myself as adventurous and open. It isn’t so easy to find a sub, slave or dom that can keep me excited mentally as well as physically.

Several weeks ago I thought I had finally met someone who would be a perfect fit with me. But like so many others he talked his shit and disappeared into the abyss of technology.

I have closed most of my accounts online and do not chat with anyone any longer. I refuse to let anyone hurt me and that seems to be the only thing the men that contact me want to do, play games and hurt me.

There is only one man who I have ever had any real feelings for and he and I will one day meet. I cannot make him come to me and actually it’s best that he doesn’t until he has decided that he has had all of the “caught up” pussy he desires.

He needs to get the wild out of his ass before he steps into my world because once we meet his world will change dramatically. It’s so odd how you just know when that one person you are meant to be with will come into your life and yes I know he is my soulmate and he knows I am his as well.