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We never quit growing or learning and the older we get we seem to appreciate what we have in our lives so much more than when we were younger. When we leave a relationship we leave with so much more knowledge than when we began the relationship.

When we marry young we grow with that person and we eventually grow apart from that person as well. We want different things and for men what they tend to want is sex and they want to explore their sexual side.

Men need to get laid by numerous women and they tend to go for women younger than themselves. The younger woman makes the male feel desired but what he doesn’t realize is she has no interest in him, only what he can give to her.

I have no desire to date anyone going through a divorce because I know I will only be a stepping stone for that person. Men need to experience different women and they should never commit themselves to anyone as they go through the first year of their divorce.

Men tend to want to play the field and by the end of the second year of being divorced they want stability once again. They want the woman who stimulates their mind as well as their body. They want the woman who clicks with them and makes them laugh as well as make life exciting once again.

A smart woman who wants that certain man going through a divorce should encourage him to sow his wild oats and when he is done then come back to her. Men need to go through this phase because it is a growing phase and it teaches them to truly honor and respect that one woman that they really want to be with.

A woman that cares for a man will not let him fuck her and she will not compromise herself to be with him. It takes a strong woman to refuse to let a man use her for pussy or just a good time.

I for one will never let anyone use me or my body as I know I am worth my weight in gold. I know in my heart of hearts that what I have to offer is exceptional and the right man will get