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Did you ever walk past a mirror and look at it and say to yourself “what the fuck?” I did that exact thing last night as I actually scared the shit out of myself. I was looking pretty bad and in fact I looked like I had been rode hard and put away wet.

It was one of those 3 a.m. visits to take a piss when I visually assaulted myself. I had a rough night as I just could not sleep and all I did was toss and turn. I thought to myself “what is wrong with you?” as I returned to bed to masturbate for the third time yesterday.

This is not uncommon for me as I am extremely sexual but it’s just not normal for a woman who is post menopausal to have a sex drive of an eighteen year old. I have talked to other females about their sex drives and all of them give the same answer, they have no sex drive and do not want to have sex.

I have the desire but I refuse to fuck just anyone and that makes things difficult at best for me. My body is in a constant state of sexual arousal and I can have an orgasm just about anywhere at any time.

I was practicing my rope knots and sure as shit that “happy knot” gave me such an immediate wave of orgasm that I was actually surprised by it. I have found that I can get off my exercising as well, lol. Yepper, lying on my side lifting my leg up and down and there she be, another orgasm!

I used to think that there was something wrong with me as being extremely sexual is not the norm but then I sat back and compared myself to other women. I am in no way comparable to the average woman as I am just not the average woman, period.

I would so love to have just one guy that I could have sex with without being tied down and expected to act like the “little wifey.” I dont mind cooking, cleaning and all that jazz but I hate it when someone tries to control my every move.

I have no problem letting a man lead the way but he really needs to kick back once in a while and let me take the lead. It’s not about controlling, it’s just about self-expression and being respected.

I need a man who I can through down and just take some when I want or give him a blow job when the feeling strikes me. I would so love to meet a guy that is as sexual as myself but is also intelligent.

If you happen to be a single woman who can take care of herself and is highly sexual then embrace yourself and your desires. There is nothing odd about loving sex and I feel sorry for all of the women that no longer love to feel a man inside of her.