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She was never without the desire to try something new and that included being open to having another female join in the bedroom. She was well aware that most men had the fantasy of two women and she was not above giving a man his fantasy.

She had met him at his casino and they had a lovely dinner of white asparagus poached in a semi sweet wine, new potatoes, a salad of fresh greens, cherry tomatoes, pickling cucumbers, red onions, walnuts and pecans tossed in a balsamic vinigrette and crown pork roast.

The dinner was paired with lovely wines and a sorbet to cleanse ones palette. They had danced to Rod Stewart and he was a fantastic dancer which she appreciated. He had given her a lovely diamond necklace and she thanked him but gave it back to him.

He wasn’t used to a woman giving back such a priceless gift and he found her to be an odd woman. She was wearing a beautiful dress that allowed him the privilege of a bit of a side boob peek.

His hand fell right into place around her waist and they fit so well together as they danced in unison. He felt that she complimented him in every way as she was the perfect dinner partner and she was able to command a table at business dinners as well.

She was what every man wanted in a woman as she could speak on any subject intelligently and at the business dinner she had attended with him she impressed those highly educated that sat at the table.

She knew exactly what to say and when to say it and she had a way of drawing anyone in that spoke to her. The women at the table were all quite bland next to her and every man at the  table made a feeble attempt to gain her attention.

She was kind and graceful but she never let him forget that she was with him and him alone. He had several business men ask him if they were serious or just friends and he made it clear that she was off-limits to all of them.

She drank bourbon with the men and smoked a cigar like a pro and when they went to the black jack table she was able to win handsomely. She was kind to the waitresses and respectful to the black jack dealer and she was nothing  but class.

She was unlike any other woman he had ever spent time with and he wanted her to be his. He didn’t want to share her with anyone and he wanted to taste every inch of her but she was not so easy as most women where.

He had never had any trouble getting a woman into bed, in fact there had not been a single woman who had been a challenge. A few drinks, a few bucks and off came their clothing.

But this lady, well this lady was not only a challenge for him, she was the challenge of his life. He had tried the flowers and diamonds to get to her but she didn’t falter or give in at all.

He found he could not buy her, flatter her, promise her anything to let him have his way with her. She was so unlike any woman he had ever been with as she was intelligent, warm, kind, demanding in a desirable way, beautiful, intriguing, beyond interesting and he wanted her.

They sat in his private suite and chatted and he slowly moved in for the kiss, the kiss that would lead her into his bed or so he had thought. He placed his hand upon her neck and pulled her close and as soon as their lips met he felt an electrical shock run through his body.

His cock got rock hard instantly and she was a pro at french kissing which so turned him on. She placed her hand on the back of his head and worked her magic playing with his ear lobe.

She kissed him and drew him in close to her and he so enjoyed feeling her nipples against his chest. He loved the feel of her body and not wearing a bra made things so much more exciting for him.

She allowed him the pleasure of unbuttoning her blouse and fondling her boobs and nipples. He kissed her neck and worked his way down her cleavage and to each nipple. She let him suckle her nipples as she sucked in her breath with desire for him to make love to her. TO BE CONTINUED…….