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She was so damn wet she could actually feel her wetness dripping down between her legs and the throbbing in her crotch was making her crazy with sexual desire. She had not met a man who had gotten her this wild with desire since she was a very young girl.

She let him push her back on the couch and they slowly ended up lying on the couch. He had managed to work his way on top of her and she could feel his hardness pressing onto her pelvis.

She couldn’t deny that she wanted to fuck him and she couldn’t deny that having a man inside of her again wouldn’t be just what the doctor ordered. She slipped off her heels and she could hear them hit the floor with a thud.

She could feel his hand working its way down her hip and she had to decide if she was going to let the playtime continue or to stop him. Her mind screamed no while her body screamed even louder  yes.

She hadn’t been physical in so long that letting a man between her legs required him to have that something that no other man had. She wasn’t quite sure how to describe it but this man had “it.”

Even though he had the “it” factor as she referred to it as he still wasn’t the man who had been in her dreams for the last six years. He wasn’t the man who kept her going each and every day.

He had been a total gentlemen up to this point but he was starting to exhibit a control that she wasn’t giving into. He wanted to own her, control her, order her about and that had become painfully obvious.

She didn’t mind giving in to him under her conditions but she was in no way going to be his personal whore. She knew he was dating other women and she knew that he had buried his cock in some pretty shady areas.

He was a man who had pussy thrown at him at every turn and no he didn’t mind taking what he wanted from each and every one of them. He knew all he had to do was strike a conversation with any one of them and he would be getting fucked within moments.

His arrogance oozed through each and every pore as he said to her “you want me and you know it”. The words made her skin run instantly cold and she was so turned off she thought she would puke.

Even after telling him no he continued to try to force her legs open with his strong thighs but that only pissed her off. She finally raised one knee rather quickly and she made a nice connection with his cock and balls.

She could hear the wind being knocked out of him and the pain taking over and she didn’t give a fuck. No man would ever rape her again as she was no longer a young nineteen year old that was quite naive.

Her mind took her back to a time that she wanted to forget forever but knew she never would. She could once again feel the pain of the black eye and the painful bruises from the assault.

She had been so young and innocent back then and she had put trust into a blind date. He had taken from her something so near and dear to her and she would never forget that horrific night.

He had taken her innocence and left her with his sperm embedded into one of her eggs. It was bad enough to be taken advantage of but even worse to find that you are with a child that you never wanted.

Here she was on a couch almost reliving a time that she had no desire to remember. Once she knead him he attempted to bury his face in her shoulder and she ended up pushing him off of her onto the floor.

As he laid there crying out in pain he called her everything but a white woman. She put her feet on the floor and stood up, without hesitation she kicked him in the groin once again.

She told him he could shove his fancy lifestyle up his ass and he could go fuck himself as she didn’t need or want anything he had. She was nobody’s fool and he would never again touch her.

She grabbed her coat and walked out on him without a second glance. She knew she would hear from him again because he was so egotistical that he couldn’t let a woman ever get one over on him.

She walked away with a sadness in her heart that brought tears to her eyes. She wondered why she could never meet anyone that was decent, had class and treated her with a respect that was unquestionable.

She walked through the casino looking at the many different faces as some hit jackpots on the roulette wheel and others on the slot machines. She had seen what money can make people do and she wondered what these people where doing to do with their winnings.

Her own sister had been seduced by money which lead her to put her own grandmother in an early grave. Yes, her sister was the devils spawn and she was a heartless bitch who cared for no one and found her happiness through purchasing shit that made her momentarily happy.

Her own mother had practically sold herself to men for a free meal. Her mother wanted a man to support her and take care of her so bad that her kids meant nothing to her. She had even packed up her belongings and headed to Florida to pursue a man when her son turned eighteen.

She pushed open the doors to the outside of the casino and she took a deep breath breathing in the fresh cold air. She felt rejuvenated as she walked briskly to the restaurant to call a cab.

She was not going to allow him to drive her home as he had proven that his worth was worthless. He had acted like some control freak and she was having none of it as his feeble attempt at taking what he wanted from her was a failure. TO BE CONTINUED…….