Did you ever feel like you had no direction in life and didn’t know what you really wanted or how to get it? Have you ever felt like “today I know what I am doing” and then tomorrow comes and your brain is muddled with uncertainty once again?

Have you felt quite comfortable with the person you are currently dating but know in your heart of hearts that it’s not meant to last? You know that the person just isn’t the perfect fit for you?

You just do not get that all-consuming feeling when it comes to how you feel about them? You also know that they are getting tired of trying to get into your pants without any luck. You also know that if you had sex with that person that is all it would be, just sex.

Do you think about how to end the relationship but just don’t know how to without really hurting the person? You already know that no matter what you say or do you are going to hurt that person and yes it is going to be damn hard to break it off.

You already have someone special that you want to be with but know that they will not take you on until they feel that they have experienced the things that they need to. You just know that there is that special person that you want to be with so bad but you also know that they would offer you nothing more than a free meal and sex as desert.

Why don’t you build a friendship with that person and let things fall as they may? Why do we always look at people as sexual objects and wonder if they can satisfy us sexually? Im guilty of looking at men and wondering how they would please me sexually.

I wonder if they can touch me in a way that can make me want more of their touch and I wonder if they can give me an orgasm when they go down on me. I wonder what they would feel like once inside me and how it would feel to lie next to them after sex.

I am a very physical woman and I know the importance of touch when it comes to sexually arousing someone. I so love to touch the male body and I do it in such a way that the anticipation of what is to come next can drive a man crazy.

I love to have a man lie naked on his stomach and I kiss the inside of their ankles and work my way up to their ass. I love to kiss a man’s ass and his lower back and graze his back with my nipples as I work my way up his back.

I so love kissing and touching and I find it to me so exciting just to make out and touch his body. I love bringing pleasure to a man and that doesn’t mean I am a submissive. Yes, I am submissive to the right man but he is also submissive to me at times.

I know the man who I am meant to be with and yes I am waiting for him to come to me. He will come when the time is right and the time is getting closer every day. You just know when you belong with someone and yes I do belong with that one man even though we have yet to meet.