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It’s no secret that the first thing that goes in any relationship is the sex. We meet someone and we fuck like rabbits for about six to nine months and then the newness of it all wears off.

When we first start dating someone we go without sleep because we do not want to miss a single moment with that person. We have tons of sex and we get their attention as well.

Everyone likes to feel special and all of us like that giddy feeling that comes with dating someone new. If there is a big age difference then we are really tested over time. The younger the person the more sex they tend to have because it is the natural thing to do.

The older we get we enjoy a lot of sex as well with someone new but the truth is we get tired of fucking like rabbits. We tend to like a more settled type of relationship because we are work oriented.

As we get older we get our self satisfaction from our career and we find it so much more rewarding over time. We want to have someone to come home to that we can talk to, that we can share our lives with. We are not looking for spending our time out and about on the town so much.

As we grow older we need and want someone that we can connect with and no the younger people we meet do not fit the bill. When we leave our marriage or a long term relationship the first thing we do look for is sex.

We are not looking for another spouse, more children or someone to take care of. That is what the younger people we may date want. They are looking for marriage and to have kids or maybe have more kids.

That is definitely not what we want as we get older and we do not realize that the young person we are fucking wants so much more from us. We do not think about the pain we are going to cause the other person when we finally end that relationship.

We do not introduce them to our children or family because we have no intention of keeping them in our lives. They are just a fuck and a good time but they think they can get you to the altar once again.

There is nothing worse than seeing someone and knowing they want to get married and you do not. There is nothing worse than having to break it off with them and see the tears and hear their pleas.

Once you realize that the person you have been fucking isn’t someone you want to be with much longer you start reevaluating the type of person you want in your life. The type of person you truly want to grow old with.

We want someone who is closer to our age and has the same life experiences. We want someone mature and self supportive. We want someone who doesn’t need us as much as want us in their lives. 

We like people closer to our age because they can relate to us and they understand the importance of our careers to us. They understand us on so many different levels that someone much younger can never understand.

I think the older we are its important to build a friendship with someone before you crawl into bed with them. There is just something so wonderful about a friendship and maybe it’s because there is no pressure, no expectations. All I can say is be my friend first and lets just laugh and enjoy life and if things progress great and if they don’t well I still have a good friend.