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She sat back in the cab and the evening replayed itself over and over in her mind. She felt sick when she thought of him forcing himself upon her and she couldn’t believe a man his age would act in such a manner.

She looked out the window of the cab at the Joe Lewis arm which hung near the river in downtown Detroit. She could see the slabs of ice slowly working their way down the river when her attention was drawn to her phone.

She had received a text from a play partner who wanted to know if she would be interested in a night of play. He was a kinky bastard that enjoyed a good caning and he so loved when she handcuffed him and forced tease and denial upon his body.

He enjoyed it when she ran feathers across his body and he was totally helpless to do anything other than accept the different sensations she subjected him to . He enjoyed fire and ice play and she would get him so aroused but not allow him to touch himself.

This really excited him and turned him on as she kept him blindfolded and at her mercy. She never did anything he didn’t like and he had total trust in her and he never feared that she would do anything to embarrass or hurt him.

He didn’t mind being filmed or photographed as she let him see the video and pictures and he approved every piece of art they had made together. The biggest turn on for him was lying spread eagled and helpless to  move as she had chained him to the bed.


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She didn’t play with just him which was so much fun as she had brought a third party into the mix. He allowed both of them to play with him and she had ordered Athena to do things to his body that were totally unexpected.

It was so fucking hot to have two women playing with him as he laid there helpless. There was Miss Sanctions who did the ordering and Athena who did what she was told to do.

He had never met anyone that could make a play session so damn exciting and she was worth her weight in gold. She never let him down and she always kept things so damn interesting.

Athena did as she was told and when they were done playing with him Miss Sanctions allowed him to be her partner when playing with Athena. Athena was open to anything and she never said no to any type of play.

Together, Miss Sanctions and he spend an evening of fun and new experiences. Miss Athena enjoyed being at Miss Sanctions mercy and she enjoyed doing the bidding of my domme’.

Athena was ordered to get her ass up in the air and to get on knees and she did as she was told. The straps kept her tied to the bed and she looked forward to getting fucked until she orgasmed over and over.

She so enjoyed getting her ass fucked as well as her pussy and she loved a dildo in her so both holes were filled at the same time. He would fuck her as he had been instructed to do and then he would remove his condom and she would suck his limp cock until he was hard again.

The play last for several hours and when the evening finally came to an end they were exhausted and ready for a good nights sleep. They never slept in the same bed they played in because they always showered and then crawled into bed naked. The clean sheets always felt so good against their exhausted bodies.