Everyone needs to play and everyone plays differently, some play card games, some play on the beach, some play board games but I, I play bdsm games with the men that request to experience my  brand of play.

I had two eye hooks installed in my basement and they are perfectly distanced for hooking handcuffs to. I had lunch today with a gentleman from Romania and we had a lovely chat.

I made it clear that I never have sex with anyone that I am playing with unless I am involved with that person. We had a discussion of his likes and dislikes and he really gets off on pain as he is a pain slut.

He actually gets really turned on by pain and he gets an erection and he has orgasms which is fine with me. The men that come to me to play like to be naked and handcuffed, they like sensory deprivation, cbt, spankings and the list goes on.

I am very careful when I play as I respect those in my space and never do anything they do not wish to experience. I am also against leaving permanent marks that would have to be explained later.

These men want to experience my brand of fun without their spouses knowing and I never involve myself in their personal lives. They want clothes pins on their balls and they want to feel the sting of a wire hanger.

I admit I have a kinky side but if I met the right guy and he wasn’t into trying anything in the bdsm world I would actually be ok with that. I could easily walk away from anything that didn’t serve both of us.

I may be a domme but I do so enjoy having great sex and enjoying the company of a male that is exciting and fun. I like intelligence and I like someone who can challenge me mentally.

I’m so tired of ignorance and users, liars and thieves and all I want is to meet that one guy that can be my best friend, be my lover, be my motivator and the one that is in my corner cheering me on.