Last night a friend and I went to a party, yes the kind that you beat or get beaten at. I ended up playing with Petchard from Fetlife as he is a local that attends the parties. He was in Bosnia and they captured him and attempted to force him to give information.

They cut off his toes on his left foot one by one and then cauterised the open wound of each removed toe. He woke up three days later in an American hospital and he has enjoyed serious pain since that time.

He has a polyamorous relationship with DutchessEve and out of respect for her I requested to play with Petchard. He looked bored as hell so I asked him if he would be interested in playing. He jumped at the opportunity like a bum after a free lunch.

The Dutchess had brought her bag of toys which was quite a nice selection and she allowed me to use her toys. I do not like to use my toys on people I do not know or have never played with.

I started with the floggers and moved on to the leather spanking paddles, a few acrylic paddles, whips and wooden paddles. I was limited to the use of my right arm as I have somehow injured my left upper arm and cannot really use that arm.

I have been in so much pain to the point that I have had to take a break from swimming for two days at a time. I swim an hour and walk an hour but the pain has kept me from exercising at all.

Anyway, I was able to leave Petchard with some pretty handsome bruises and I also broke skin in  several spots. This surprised me as it wasn’t my intention to bring forth blood.

As I was playing I thought about my sister and how she has treated me and I thought about karma and how karma will rear its ugly head and teach my hateful sister a lesson. I have decided not to let myself be controlled by anger or hate and just let a higher power teach others the lessons they need to learn.

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Just because I am limited to one hand doesn’t mean that I cannot give a good thrashing. As you can see by the above pictures I gave the best I could under the circumstances and he really enjoyed himself, now that is all that matters isn’t it?