Most people know that they are loved or have been loved by someone special in their lives. I am not talking about love from your parents or relatives, not your kids or your pets.

I am talking about the love that comes from a relationship with that one special person that you have carried within your heart for years. In my opinion it isn’t possible to fall in love with someone in several months but there are those that have done just that.

People take love and mistaken it for something it isn’t and some people get so caught up in the moment they think they are in love. Some people become obsessed with another and think that is love as well.

When you love someone you want to be with them, you want to help them, you want to listen to them, hold them, kiss them, make them smile, make them laugh. You do not sit in the background and become a spectator to their lives.

If you really love someone you will do what ever you must to be with that person and you do not use others to be a substitute for that one your heart yearns for. You step up and let that person know you want to know them, be their friend and you build a relationship with the person.

I  have so many men that want to be in a relationship with me and I do not wish that as there is only one that holds my heart. He hides behind la computadora and he fucks a much younger woman.

He isn’t happy even though he has moments that do make him smile and sometimes laugh. I am not waiting for him but I am obviously waiting for someone who will make my heart skip a beat, make me long with physical desire for that person.

The one I think about often is from Argentina and he has three sisters, one of which he is especially close to. She, like myself is a Scorpio and I can tell you that she is very traditional in many ways. 

She loves her brother and wants him to be happy but she doesn’t agree with some things that he has done. No one agrees with us totally and when a close sibling doesn’t support us it hurts us as it feels like a betrayal at times.

I would so enjoy meeting this sister as I do believe we would get on famously. He has such a great relationship with this sister and I am so glad for him. I have one sibling alive that is the devils spawn and it hurts not be able to confide in her.

We always want our siblings to approve of those that we date and marry but I can tell you Gabriella does not approve of her brother dating anyone much younger. I am sure she would let him know but she would probably be very cautious at voicing her opinion.

We would get on famously as we have the same beliefs, morals and we are true to ourselves. I would never want to meet her unless he was divorced and we had been dating for several months.

I would love to go out with him and just be friends, get to know each other and see how we mesh as individuals. I would never have sex with him until he was closer to the end of his divorce.

Will we ever meet? I do not know but I do know that I am not waiting for him and am spending time with some pretty special men. Sexually, I am saving that part of me for a relationship that is sound and filled with love.