He follows, he follows my every written word and he thinks I do not know that he follows me. He travels extensively and I do believe he works for Ford’s as he spends so much time in Russia.

Ford’s is pulling out of Russia and they do not know that their prize employee has ADHD and being in his mid fifties he has learned to hide this from others. There is no shame in having any type of “illness or diagnosis” that doesn’t sound “pretty.”

He fantasizes about being with me sexually and he desires to be with me on any level. He is obviously involved with someone and tried to tell me all he wanted to do was fuck me.

He obviously thinks very highly of himself and thinks I would be just another one of those women that fell in love with him. He has no idea that I am fearful that he has already fallen in love with me.

He hacks my  different accounts online and left a blog post heading for me to see “and I love you so.” He has no idea what real love is but gets off on playing the games of a stalker.

He refused to show his face on skype but had no problem showing his limp cock as if I was supposed to get all excited, lol. He is no man as he has refused to meet me face to face and let me decide how I feel about him. 

For years I have thought he was someone else but these day I know he is a Michiganian, he doesn’t live that far from me and he has creeped on me for years.. He really needs to get his shit together if he ever wants to spend a single moment with me.