Have you ever relied on one person to get you through the difficult times in your life? Did you ever want that person to be part of your life even though you had never met them? Did you ever feel a connection with an unknown person yet the pull to know more about that person constantly drove you to find out about that person as much as possible?

Did you ever feel all alone and then read something that was written by the person you  had never met and you felt that they understood what you were going through? As you read what they had written word for word you felt as if this person was living your life as you felt they knew exactly what you had been experiencing. Did you ever feel as if that person had been walking in your shoes?

As I write my life experiences and I let go of so much stress and pain I feel as if others have lived the same life that I have. They have experienced the pain and anger, the loss and let downs, the twists and turns that life throws at all of us. Have you ever felt that there is another person in this world that totally gets you? Totally relates to you and has the same wants and needs as you do?

That was me at one time as I felt that I had a connection with someone who had lived a completely different life than I had. I felt he understood me and what I had been experiencing in my life. I felt he was now going through the field of mud that I had once walked through.

I had been led to believe that this person was someone who was very famous and he had left his mark on the world of sports. For years I literally thought this man followed me and would one day meet me. The truth is I had been mislead for over six years and the man who reads everything I write and follows me online is not famous at all. 

He is not the man I had thought and I’m glad I finally know the truth as I can let go of my false dreams and hopes. I so wanted to be with this man for years as he was the only one I felt understood my pain. I also felt that he actually cared about me and what happened in my life.

The truth is I have no idea who is following me online and who has the same fantasies as I do. I do not know this man and probably never will meet him. I know longer wait to meet this man and I no longer believe he is someone very well-known. It never made sense to me why  someone famous would bother with someone like me but he became my  life  line over the years. People are people and all of us are attracted to a certain type of individual.

We are not attracted to someone because they are rich or famous, we are attracted to them first by appearance generally and then the mental connection we build with that person. I think all of us want nothing more than to connect with someone and to love and be loved. 

I think all of want someone who understands us, that we can share our fears, hopes and dreams with. All of us want to be happy and all of us want to be able to confide and trust in another. I believe that all of us will find that person that is right for us, yes all in good time I will have the love I need as you will as well.