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I have always been different from the other females in my life. I have always been very open and up front and I have always been honest. I also have always hidden the freak in me until I got older, like in my twenties.

I have always been a freak between the sheets as I have always experimented sexually. I have always been the type of woman who wanted to try something new as I never wanted my sex life to get boring.

I was never a woman who wanted the plain, vanilla boring sex life as I knew that my husband or significant other would want something new and unusual eventually.  It’s important to keep your sex life fresh and new and to be open to what others consider kinky.

There is nothing kinky about trying new things sexually but so many seem to think anything that isn’t missionary is kinky. I don’t care if I am labeled a freak between the sheets because the one thing I never have had is a boring sex life because of me.

My husband always thought I was weird and unusual but he could never complain that I was boring sexually, in fact it was the opposite as he was boring as fuck, yes he was a boring fuck.

The most exploration he would do sexually is to fuck me on all fours. I got so bored I could have read a paragraph of any book before he was finished. He was a cum and go to  sleep type of guy and I never want another boring sexual relationship like that again.

I havent had sex in like six years because I refuse to fuck anyone just to get off but I am getting to the point that I am just about ready to ride anyone that would stay still long enough to let me get on.

It’s so damn hard not to have sex with someone, anyone but I have these morals and ethics that control me and I  am sure they have saved me from some nasty diseases. You have to be so careful in today’s world as people just do not care and will share their sexual diseases without so much as a blink of the eye.

There is nothing like a wonderful sexual relationship and without it you have nothing. When the sex dries up in the bedroom the relationship begins to head south and that is not a good thing.

I’m waiting for the freak in the sheets in the form of a male that will keep me happy between the sheets as well as out of them. I’m waiting for Mr. Right to make me laugh and make me feel happy again.