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I’m reaching the end of the semester at school and I am so looking forward to being done with my classes. The only class I am really enjoying is my spanish class because my instructor is so awesome.

She really cares and wants her students to understand not only the language but the lifestyle of Latinos. I made her tres leches cake for her birthday and she took some home to her esposo. He really enjoyed it and told her he wished she had brought more home.

I so enjoy feeding people so of course that really stroked my ego. Latinos are big on family and familia is numero uno in their eyes. Tengo no familia except my two children so holidays are especially lonely.

I know I have a soulmate out there somewhere and I have waited for so very long to meet him. It’s been a long, lonely road that I have walked and its time to experience some happiness. 

I cannot wait to meet the one that will fill the emptiness in my heart, the one that I can tell all of my secrets to, the one I can trust and share my life with. I cannot wait to be with that one person that I can share my body mind and soul with.

I think the reason I have been alone so long is for me to learn, to learn how to maneuver difficult times in my life, learn to grow and make smart decisions, learn to do the right thing and just to learn period.

I wish God would realize that I have learned and yes I have suffered while learning. I am a better person today than I was yesterday and I will be even better tomorrow. I do hope my children have learned from watching me as I grow and  make mistakes.

My children want to see me happy and they want the right man to come into my life and make me smile. They want to see me be giddy and happy, they want nothing but my happiness.

My daughter will be leaving me in January for four months to go to Washington D.C. and work under an attorney. My son, well I have no idea what he plans on doing other than he talks a good talk. 

He needs to be out on his own and grow up, he needs to mature and to learn how to care for himself. As any mother I care for my children so much and I worry about them and pray that life treats them better than it has treated me.