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The first thing that goes in a relationship is not the sex, no its something so intimate, so desirable and so required for a solid connection of two people. What would you think it is?

Hand holding? Nope, it is kissing and sharing a kiss is actually the first break in any relationship. When you no longer want to kiss the person of your affection you are essentially saying that you have lost interest in that person.

I constantly hear people complain about the lack of sex in their relationship but I never hear anyone complain about the lack of kissing. To me kissing is so important as it makes me feel romantic and when I kiss someone more than once, like making out I get physically excited.

If you think about it your first intimate moment with the opposite sex or even the same-sex if you are gay includes kissing. I love to kiss and when I kiss I generally touch the persons face as I kiss them.

There is something so romantic and sexy about touching the persons face and letting your hand slide down the side of their face and down their neck. There is something so exciting about touching the neck as it makes me think of their bare chest.

Once I start thinking of the bare chest I think of that person’s body and touching them in their entirety. I don’t know if I am the only one that thinks this way but I do get excited when my lips meet another.

If you only have sex without kissing then you have no relationship with that person. They are nothing but a piece of ass to you and you really lack the respect you should have for that person.

If you date someone and spend quite some time just kissing that says so much about you as a person. Anyone can kiss and fuck but how many will just kiss and not try to take it to the next level on the first or second date?

Kissing is so under rated and so many don’t even realize that they no longer kiss their mate on a regular basis but they sure notice the lack of sex. If you want to keep sex in your life than you need to keep kissing as kissing is an aphrodisiac that will land you in bed having sex.