The relationship with our family is the most important relationship we will ever build. As children we learn from our parents and siblings and we turn around and greet the world and others with the lessons of our youth.

The relationship we build with our siblings is quite different than the relationship we have with our parents. When we have a close relationship with one sibling it is truly you and them against the world.

Some sibling relationships are so strong that if one sibling turns against a parent or the parents then the other sibling follows suite. The sibling relationship can either be so so or extremely strong.

When you have that one special sibling in your life they become your life line, especially if your parents are deceased. You rely on that sibling for advice, to keep you straight, to stand tall next to you when you need their support.

The one thing that siblings are very right about are the people we involve ourselves with. Most will support your decision to file for divorce but they will not support you cheating, if they do support you then it is half hearted and only because they love you.

Sibling want to see each other happy and even if you do something that goes against the morals or ethics of your sibling they will support you. They want the best for you but to be honest they will never fully respect the person you are cheating with.

They will never fully support you if you are going through a divorce and start dating soemeon else. Unless they really dislike the person you are dating they will not tell you how much they do not like your “new mate”.

This is exactly why we should never introduce someone we are dating to our siblings, that is while we go through a break up. They already know that you are going through the steps that must be walked during a breakup.

They know that the person you spend your time with is nothing more than a stepping stone and they also know that if you are a man dating a new woman that more likely than not that girl wants to marry you.

Your sibling has a way of picking up on things that you cannot see or feel because your head is so full of breakup bullshit as I refer to it as. You go through  so many different phases and it is a death, yes another death that must be dealt with.

Our siblings tend to point out the failings of our soon to be x spouse or the one we had been dating. Siblings do this to help us feel better about the choice to end the relationship.

They want us to know they are there for us and they will support our decisions even if they do not go along with their own morals or ethics. When you make that split you should never introduce the one you are dating to your family to soon.

Dont make the mistake of introducing someone new to your siblings until you are close to finalizing the demise of your relationship. The end of a long term relationship doesnt just involve you and your children it involves your siblings as well.