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Today was interesting as I had a play partner that enjoyed cbt but couldn’t handle having his ass spanked with a paddle.  I think it was because he was so skinny and had such a small ass and that made him so sensitive. He enjoyed being flogged and even enjoyed having me slap his balls from behind with the flogger as I ordered him to spread his legs as far apart as he could. I used long glue sticks on his back and ass as well as paddles.

I had him remove his clothing except for his sox as the tile floor is cold and I wanted him to be comfortable, my basement is finished and quite nice and the air was warm enough to make anyone feel cozy.  I put my fur-lined handcuffs on each of his wrists and then I hooked each one to the eye screws in the ceiling and I chatted with him to get him to relax as I walked over to the table.


I picked up the blindfold and walked behind him and placed it over his head and covered his eyes. The excitement was obvious in his erect manhood and I could tell he hadn’t been laid in a very long time. I began to flog his back and down over his ass and down each leg and I ordered him to spread his legs as far apart as possible. He was very willing to do what I ordered and I rewarded him with  bringing the flogger up between his legs slapping his balls and cock.


After a good flogging I moved onto a paddle and paddled his ass several times but it was apparent that he did not enjoy the paddling so I moved on to a leathe belt and gave him a few good cracks on the ass. I moved onto a smaller paddle and he didnt seem to enjoy that either so I used my feathers on him as feathers are so soft and made him relax. He liked a good flogging and then the feathers and his skin developed goose bumps as I went over every inch of his body.

He was a guy that liked toys that involved insertion into the bodies oral cavities but I made it clear that I do not do that as that is crossing a line. I do not do anything sexual with those that I play as it crosses the legal lines as well as dilutes the relationship. If I am involved with someone then and only then will I involve sex as that is something so sacred and special to me and I want it to be something I share with just one special person.

I could see he was enjoying himself immensely as there was a small puddle of pre cum on the floor in front of him which made me decide to try the tens unit. I picked up the tens unit case and removed it and asked him how he felt about trying it. He was open to trying it which made me spread his ass cheeks and apply one electrode next to his asshole and the other electrode next to his cock.

I turned it on and his asshole danced like it was in a competition, lol and he tried his best to get away from it but he couldn’t do to the handcuffs. He begged me to remove the electrodes and I did as he requested. I took it down a notch and put miniature clothes pins all over his cock and I ordered him not to cum or I would tens unit his ass again. He once again begged to have the clothes pins removed and I did.


I went over his body once again with my fluffy boa and the feathers and that was extremely enjoyable to him and I unhooked each hand from the ceiling and removed the cuffs from him. His time with me was up and I told him it was time for him to get dressed that our session had come to an end. He was quite happy and wanted to meet again but I told him to go home and go over the session in his mind and think about what else he would like to try.