I stayed in a marriage not out of love but out of commitment to my children and I did all the things a vanilla mother was expected to do. My children went to Catholic school and I was the mother that was involved with school.

I worked full time, cooked dinner for the family, did homework with my children and gave them baths and hugs every night. Was I happy? No, I was not but I stayed as I wanted my children to have something I never had, a  mom and a dad that loved them.

Some of us are very spiritual and we have the ability to know things that others do not. I am one of those people, I know there is a soulmate for me and I know he knows that he is for  me. He questions himself way to much and he does what is expected of him.

Like me, he lives for others and their happiness is in the forefront of his life. He must accept himself for who he is and what he wants. He will never be happy until he accepts himself for who he is and when he is true to himself he will find his life will be so enriched and filled with happiness.

We must stop living a lie and live the life that is ours and ours alone. We must walk away from what doesn’t serve us and walk into what does. We need to accept ourselves for who and what we are and then we will find true happiness that will take us to our final years with that one person we have waited for our entire lives.