The wonder years to me is every year of my life as I wonder what is yet to come. What am I yet to experience, to share with others, to learn. Life hasn’t been very good to me but I have learned much from the lessons thrown my way.

Those that I have loved have been taken away from me so early in my life. I feel cheated in so many ways but everything that happens to us is another stepping stone taking us closer to where we truly belong.

I could easily sit back and feel sorry for myself and want others to pity me but that isn’t going to make me happy or make my life better. Some thing money will make their lives complete, some think fame is the answer.

My wonder years have taught me that neither fame nor fortune comforts us when we need it the most. We will never feel whole and complete if we are relying on the lottery to give us what we need.

I continue to go through each year wondering if this will be the year that brings me completeness. If this will be the year that I meet up with my soul mate and my life finally feels complete.

I have gone through so many changes in the last four years and tomorrow is the four-year anniversary of my husband’s demise. If you lose a partner through death or divorce the day they exited your life is never one to be forgotten.

I know my daughter will feel her dad’s loss but I don’t know if my son will be aware that it is the four-year anniversary. I have grown leaps and bounds but the road has not been one of ease.

I have not welcomed a man into my bed in the last four years because I haven’t found a man who grabs my interest. There hasn’t been a man who has stood in front of me that I felt the desire to drop my panties for.

It will take a pretty special man to get close to me, to touch me emotionally as well as physically. When I finally do make that move he is going to someone who will be getting the best that I have to give.