My son has a girlfriend and that has changed him so much. When a boy falls for a girl the first love is so controlling, so demanding, so completing of the young man. He has changed so much and he treats me so much better than he ever has.

Today, I had to drive him to school as the other car is in the shop. He said to me, “you knew this day would come and it has, I need condoms.” Im glad he has sense enough and he feels comfortable enough to tell me.

We will go tonight and he can pick out what he needs as he is talking to a friend of his. His buddy and his girlfriend have been active sexually for the last year and he can tell my son what type of condoms to purchase.

Most boys would never tell their mothers that they need condoms but I have always been open and honest with my kids. I cannot believe the change in him, he is talking about getting a job and going to school in the fall.

I am so glad that he is finally finding direction and the first love gets all the credit for this. I am so happy for him but I do fear that things wont work out for very long and they break it off.

That will no doubt crush him and I fear that he will become suicidal if this happens. All I can do is pray for the best and help him as much as I can. He’s a smart kid, a very affectionate kid and he will be very good to the girl in his life.

He went to the prom last weekend and had a great time but Im not sure which girl he likes. He has two girls that he hangs out with and I dont want to ask which girl he really likes.

He is so ready to help around the  house and I asked him to cut the grass and he was like sure no problem. He is happy and I am so glad to see this and I so do hope he doesnt get hurt.