My daughter has been seeing the same boy for six years now and I know once she starts law school or goes to Washington D.C. she will meet someone else. The two of them are comfortable with each other but they do not belong together.

My son has a girlfriend finally and his entire world has changed and turned around. I am glad to see the kids moving on and my son came to me the other day and said that the day has come that he needs condoms, ok so we go to the store to pick up some other things and he gets his wrappers.

He then comes home from school today and tells me I need to leave the house for a while when his friend Erica comes over. I tell him Im not leaving my house so you can bone some girl and if you are doing that its not like i go downstairs or in your room anyway. What the hell is this world coming to ? lol

Now that both kids are involved with somebody maybe I will finally find a connection with someone. I am chatting with several men but we are just friends as distance is a big factor and another one is separated.

I dont do separated men or those going through a divorce because those relationships usually dont last. I am in the market for a long-lasting relationship and when I meet the right man I will know it.

I am so picky and I am not easily attracted to many men and those that I am are usually married. I am just tired of being alone but I still wont settle for less than I deserve.

I am just glad that the one guy I would have enjoyed meeting disappeared from sight as he was obviously in a relationship even though he denied being married or involved I am sure he was.

He told me he respected me to much to fuck me, lol. I guess I should be flattered but then I look at him and wonder what a man who is 45 yrs old has been doing with his life that he only wants to get laid and not be in a relationship with just one person.

He claimed to have been married for seven years and then he was divorced and he also claimed to have a dog. He tells me how much he travels so there is no way he has a pet.

Why do people lie about such things? Why do people lie at all? Why play these games? Maybe I am just to much of a stick in the mud to want to fuck with  games and lies but that is something that I really hate.