He had followed her online for years and he had finally gotten up the nerve to meet her face to face. He pretended to be someone else as he answered a backpage ad she had placed.

He knew she played with other men and he also knew she would never have sex with any of them. They were nothing but toys that she played with and the time she spent with them helped pay the bills and nothing more.

She wasnt the type of woman to hook up with a man and drain his wallet. She wasnt the type of woman who acted as if she was helpless and needy. She was a woman who had experienced many difficult times but she came out the other end a wiser and stronger woman.

He had met her at a local restaurant, nothing fancy or exciting in the least bit. He wanted to wow this woman, he wanted to touch her like no other man ever had. He wanted to really impress her, give her the world and fulfill every dream she ever had.

He wanted to surprise her constantly and he wanted to be able to know her desires and wants, long before she even have a clue that she would be thinking about such things. 

He had his EurocopterEC225 Super Puma Mk II+ helicopter ready to whisk her away to New York for dinner. He had his private chef make a lovely dinner starting with salad greens, grape tomatoes, edamame, baby cucumbers,  roasted pecans with a balsamic raspberry vinaigrette drizzled lightly on top.

The kobe beef tenderloin was going to be cooked to perfection which meant it would be medium rare served with a side of rice and almond medley. There was going to be chocolate creme brulee desert to finish off the evenings dinner.

He was going to dazzle her with a lovely meal and a series of fine wines to enhance every dish. He was going to hand feed her and touch her lips as often as he could before he finally fucked her.

Yes, he hat every intention of fucking her not falling in love with her but damn this woman had taken control of his heart long ago. At first she was nothing more than another woman, another day, another few hours of distraction.

He owned his own line of clothing and he was going to dress her in his brand, Gabatt. He also had picked out a beautiful Versace outfit for her to wear to dinner along with stocking, bra, garter, panties and high heels. He just hoped he wasn’t being to presumptuous.

He had set the appointment with her to meet him at the bar in his hotel as he knew it was disrespectful to have her come to his room. They had several glasses of wine and he asked her if she would care to join him for dinner.

She said she wasn’t dressed for dinner and he said he had assumed that she may not be dressed. He told her he had purchased some clothing in her size in case she did accept his dinner invitation.

She agreed to dinner and he took her to his room and gave her the clothing and told her to meet him in the bar when she had changed. He so wanted to stay and help her get dressed but it was too early to make such a move.

She removed her clothing and walked naked into the bedroom and she put on the garter, bra, panties and she slowly slipped her foot into the stocking and used both hands to bring it to her garter. She did the same with the other stocking and then slipped her feet into the shoes.

He had even picked out the top ten perfumes for women and she smelled each one until she finally decided on the Clive Christian No. 1 eau de parfum which was only $15oo.oo a bottle for a 1.7 oz bottle.

He waited inpatiently for her to meet him and he kept looking towards the elevator for her to exit. The door opened and she departed as soon as the doors opened. She walked towards him and he could feel her power, her presence screamed “I am in control” and she was a beautiful woman who just had the ability to take him to places he had never been and he knew it.

They departed hand in hand and they ended up on the roof and he lead her to his helicopter. He helped her get into the seat and he made sure that her seat belt was firmly in place. He walked around and entered the captain’s chair and he was going to fly them to New York.

She was slightly impressed with his ability to fly such an awesome aircraft but she was only slightly impressed and he knew it. They chatted about everything from farm animals to big business and before they knew it they had reached the roof of his building.

He landed the air craft with the skill of a well-trained pilot and as soon as they touched down he undid his seat belt and removed his headset and opened the door. He walked around and opened her door and removed her seat belt and helped her depart.

He took her by the hand and helped her out of the helicopter, taking her by the hand he lead her to the elevator that led to his penthouse. He asked her to sit down on his $8000.00 dollar Chesterfield Leather Sofa.

His personal butler Charles had the salads already prepared and waiting on the  Chinese Rose Wood Flower Carving Round Dinning Table. Being the gentleman he was he pulled out her chair and once seated he pushed her up to the table.

He sat down and they began to eat their salads as they chatted about her childhood. He was interested in how she had grown up and what was important to her. He knew that family was paramount in her life as in his and he knew this woman was his alter ego, his better half, his soul mate.

They finished their salads and as she sat down her fork Charles immediately removed the fork and plate that has been refrigerated  before being served. He removed his bosses plate as well and immediately replaced the cold plates with hot plates of beautifully cooked beef tenderloin and a rice medley.

The steak was so tender she cut it with a butter knife and the rice medley was quite delicious as well. Unable to eat very much of her meal she almost felt guilty to let such a wonderful meal mostly go to waste.

Removing her plate and silverware Charles asked if they would like desert and both had no desire for anymore food. Both were starving for conversation, for the connection of a lifetime, for the time that expressing their sensual side would come.

They sat side by side on his sofa and continued to chat until he could no longer hold back and he had to kiss her not once, not twice but so many times as their lips appeared to become one.

Her hand touched the side of his neck and the moistness between her legs became more than moistness as she was actually quite wet from his touch. He unbuttoned her shirt and slid it off her shoulders and it landed on the back of his couch.

he kissed her neck and down her cleavage as he felt her breast with both hands. He slipped his hands around her back and unhooked her bra releasing her breast. Her nipples cried out for his lips and tongue and he teased each one unmercifully.

He carried her to his bedroom and laid her down on his bed, slowly removing her skirt and panties, he spread her legs and kissed the inside of each leg as he worked his way to her womanly parts.

He kissed and sucked on her labia’s then worked his way to her clit as he kissed and tugged on it until she literally rose off the bed from the orgasm. He had made her squirt for the first time in her life and she so enjoyed the release.

She felt so good and she wanted him to feel as good as she was at that very moment. She asked him where  his ties were and he pointed to his closet. She pushed the button that electronically brought out the rack of ties and she chose three.

She walked back to the bed and tied each wrist to the head of his bed then she covered his eyes with the third tie. She kissed him hard on the lips and then she kissed his neck, chest, abdomen and then she teased his cock. 

She took the head of his cock slowly into her mouth and teased the underside as she massaged his balls. She took him deeper and deeper into the warmth of her mouth and she stroked his cock with just the right amount of pressure.

She could feel his cock getting ready to shoot its wad and she abruptly stopped. She walked to the kitchen and grabbed a bowl and filled it with ice. She returned to the bedroom and slipped some ice into her mouth.

She lowered her body between his legs and took his cock into her cold mouth and the shock to his cock made him go limp. She was doing tease and denial to him and he was loving it.

She rubbed her wetness on his cock and moved back and forth dry fucking him which really turned him on. His cock had turned purple with desire and she finally slipped on a hollow strapon onto his cock.

She removed the tie from his eyes and he watched her sit down on his cock which was encompassed with the hollow strapon. He could watch her fuck him but he couldn’t feel her and this was making him insane.

As she began to orgasm, he did as well and not feeling her really fucked with his mind. He had never had an orgasm without feeling his hand, a womans vagina or mouth and this was such a foreign feeling.

She removed herself from him and she walked into the bathroom and ran the water until it was hot. Soaking the wash cloth in the hot water she thought of how he would feel inside of her as he came.

She walked back to him and removed the hollow strapon and wiped him clean with the warm cloth. He was so turned on by her consideration and he couldn’t wait to actually be inside of her when he came.

They laid side by side and chatted until both of them fell into a slumber. He ended up spooning with her and holding her close. He felt like he was holding his childhood teddy bear which gave him so much comfort as a young boy.

This is how it was supposed to be, this was how it was supposed to feel when you were with that one person meant just for you. This is what a soul mate was and the feeling that came being with them was indescribable but so satisfying and undeniable.