She wasnt like most dommes and the difference was so desirable to the men she services. She met them in a public place so they could “get a feel” for each other and to confirm that she was real.

They would meet at the local restaurant or pub and they would have either a meal or just a drink as they chatted. She never drank alcohol or allowed those she did a session with to consume alcohol or drugs .

She found out what she needed to know about each person before their session and she would have them follow her to her place. They would enter her private dungeon from an outside entrance. They were never allowed to enter the main living quarters of her home or to meet her children or pets.

She would order them to remove their clothing except for their socks and she would put wrist cuffs on them and hook them to the eye hooks in the ceiling. Depending on the type of session they chose she would start with a sensual touch.

She found it most important for her clients to be relaxed as she got so many newbies who were scared and shaking. She would lightly touch their back and down their sides, over their ass and up their chest. She came close to their cock but never touched it as her touch aroused them and made them so relaxed.

She would order them to spread their legs and most wanted to experience tease and denial along with some cbt. She would run her fingers lightly down their back and over their ass and slowly she would flutter her fingers on the inside of their spread thighs.

This always had the same effect on men as they so loved it. They got erect and hard as rocks as she teased them unmercifully. She would walk around to the front of them and put on nipple clamps and then she would slide gloves on her hands as touching the penis that could  and would give her a sample of body fluids.

she refused to allow others body fluids to mix with her own in any way, shape or form and being safe was very important to her. She never had sex with any of the men and being a sensual domme she would be gracious and allow them to have an orgasm near the end of their session.

She would go from cbt to spanking to flogging to sensual touch and then she would bring them to an earth shattering orgasm as one of her clients proclaimed. He had told her it was the absolute best orgasm he had ever had and he tipped her handsomely as well.

She enjoyed her clients on all levels and she had met some very important men and she had built some wonderful friendships. She had one client come to her for extreme cbt and he wanted to push his pain limits but once she cuffed him and hooked him to the ceiling it was obvious he was physically uncomfortable.

He had told her he had literally shattered his ankle and he was having shooting pains. She unhooked him and had him sit down and put his foot on her lap. Her tens unit which was used for cbt was now going to be used for a legitimate medical problem.

She put the pads that were hooked to the electrodes onto his ankle in several different spots and she turned on the tens unit slowly. She slowly increased the intensity until he was comfortable with it and she massaged his foot as the electrical shocks shot through his foot and ankle.

The intensity was perfect and it helped stimulate blood flow and they chatted for the next hour as she massaged his foot and ankle. Their bdsm session turned into a medical session and once he felt better she got up and massaged his shoulders.

Her sessions ran in time slots of an hour but she spent an additional twenty minutes massaging him. He felt much better and got dressed and gave her a nice tip for her time and thanked her for being so loving and caring.

He told her that she was so different from most dommes and that he had really enjoyed the time with her and he was even going to contact his dr. about prescribing a tens unit.

He had promised to contact her later and set up another appointment for a bdsm session when he was up to and like all of her clients she gave him a big hug and sent him on his way.

She was glad that she was who she was and that she brought happiness to so many and it wasnt about money or what she could get from her clients. She just hated being associated with dommes that took out issues on clients or took advantage of the power she had over her clientele.

She knew she was special and those that spent time with her could feel and see the difference in her from other dommes. She enjoyed making her clients happy and for her that is what bdsm was all about, making herself as well as her clientele happy.