He came into this world kicking and screaming like so many babies do and he made his papa and mama so proud. He was there first born and over the years three sisters followed him into this world.

He was born with a gift and his life had always been a bit easier than most yet he never thought of life that way. He had hard times like most of us but those hard times opened the doors of the world for him.

He met a young lady at her quinceara and she stole his heart straight away. They married young and produced four boys of their own but both of them yearned for a daughter that would never appear.

They learned how easy life could be when fame and money became part of their lives. She never had to waste time learning to cook and he never had to waste time cutting grass or mucking stahls.

They grew up together and experienced so much together and they were viewed as the perfect pair as well as perfect parents.  He spent most of his twenties traveling and playing the sport that he was so good at and she was left to raise the boys with paid help and she never really experienced hard times. Money allowed her to feed her favorite desire which was buying clothing and when she no longer felt attractive she went and had plastic surgery on her eyes thinking that this would make her more desirable.

She almost always made herself physically available to her husband because she was quite insecure knowing that his good looks made so many women wet with desire to be with him.

They traveled and took the boys to all types of events and they attended the best of schools as well.  The oldest son wanted to be an actor so of course his papa’s money opened those doors.

The second oldest child wanted to be a soccer player like his papa and once again his papa opened those doors as well. The two youngest boys were still in school but yes papa would pay to open whatever doors the boys needed opened.

As the years past his body could no longer play the game it was designed to play and he ended up retiring from the sport he so loved. He realized how he was no longer thought of as numero uno in the sport and it began to hit him hard.

Yes, he had money and fame from earlier days but it just wasnt the same. He got tired of his wife and the bland sex which she offered. Their sex life was quite simple, he wanted it and she laid there as he entered her several times and had his orgasm only to roll over and go to sleep.

Like most men, this lack of a healthy sex as well as losing the intense amount of fame in his  life made him want a woman who would treat him like he was really something and she would give him a sex life that he so desired.

He ended up finding this in a woman fifteen years younger than he was but what he hadn’t bargained for was her falling in love with him and wanting to get married and produce a child.

He knew in his heart he didn’t want anymore children unless of course he had a daughter, which he knew would never happen. He was a man who only produced boys and that would never change.

He was t really happy but she did make him laugh and she did give him more sexually than his wife ever had. He was in a confusing time of his life  as he wanted the security of a healthy relationship and he wanted a great sex life but he really didn’t want someone who much younger than he was.

He needed to break away from this woman and he needed to be on his own for a while and get to know himself once again. He didn’t need anyone blowing smoke up his ass or using him but that is exactly where he stood at this time in his life.

He would wake up soon enough and he would cut his young girlfriend lose so she could find the man who was born just for her. The times had been good but he now needed to find himself and he couldn’t do this with  her on his arm.

She was secretly pushing him into marriage and he wasnt ready for that and he knew he was only using her and cheating both of themselves. He did need this time to find himself but he couldn’t as long as he was with this woman.

He knew the type of woman he needed in his life, she wasnt impressed with his fame or fortune, she wouldn’t kiss his ass or tell him lies like so many others. She had much to teach him and he so wanted to learn but first he had to make himself right in his own mind.