He had always been so respected by the public as he was considered a very private family man. His family did come first and so did his privacy but as the years passed by he became totally disillusioned with the life he had been leading.

Like most men that had been married for over ten years he was tired of being desired because he was the provider and he resented the fact that his sex life was beyond boring and stale.

He did what most men do as he kept his eye on porno instead of cheating on his wife and the thought of the  public finding out made him cringe. He wasn’t looking for anyone to keep him busy on the side and he wasn’t looking for random sex or to be side tracked from his marriage.

He just happened to have one of those days where he was in the right place at the right time and when he saw her he was drawn to her like a moth to the flame. There was an instant attraction between  the two of them but he knew he wasnt interested in a long term relationship.

They had a nice leisurely dinner and the more they talked the more the attraction grew. One thing led to another and before he knew it he was between her legs as she tried to get between his ears.

She was a smart, savvy young woman but she was no dummy and she knew an older man had much to offer her. She knew he was mature, experienced, had his own place, could provide for her needs and provide her with the children she so wanted.

He had no idea that she would slowly get under his skin like a tick and she would try to manipulate him into a serious relationship that would lead to marriage. He was in no way ready for that but she was good, very  good at manipulation and saying the right thing to make him feel desired.

He had no idea that she would randomly forget to take her birth control so when she got pregnant it would be a total surprise to both of them. He was smart though and used a condom and flushed it when he was done.

She was pretty, young, smart, funny and she worshipped him but the problem was they grew up in different time frames and valued different things. This would never change and he knew it so he just enjoyed her company and the sex.

As time passed he found himself not to be happy at all and actually missing the family unit he once had. He knew he would never marry this young girl and he did not want to raise more kids.

He began to lose interest in her but didn’t want to hurt her. He didn’t know how to cut her lose but he knew he would have to if he were to ever find his real happiness. She on the other hand had no idea that he was thinking of ending the relationship so she continued to play him as best she could.

There was only one woman who could give him the happiness he so badly was in search of but he just wasnt ready to settle down. He knew this woman was a no-nonsense type of woman and she would not tolerate the bullshit he was able to give to his current little fling.

He just wasnt ready for a real woman who knew how to deal with men like him but she also knew how to fulfill his hopes and wishes. He really needed to get a grip and grow up and be the man he was meant to be.