He put the jaguar in park and opened the door to only step into a huge puddle of water. The sky’s had opened up every day that week and today was no different. He walked through the water with nothing on his mind but her.

The restaurants red neon sign blinked open and the bell above the door rang as he opened the door. He walked into the quaint restaurant and headed towards the corner where their privacy would be uninterrupted.

He removed his coat and the droplets of water fell to the floor as he put his coat over the back of the chair next to him. He sat down and his eyes followed the shadow of the blinking open sign. He looked down and thought it best to remove his wedding ring not giving any thought to the tan line that was left by the sun.

He ordered a cafe con leche as he waited for her to enter the restaurant. They had chatted online for quite a while and both were looking for the same thing. Sex without attachment or committment of any kind was desired by both.

She had read his writings about his skill to give a woman multiple orgasms and how much he enjoyed oral sex. She to enjoyed oral sex but she had never written in detail how much she desired it and how she went about performing it.

He had married and had several children but at the age of 40 he no longer desired his vanilla sex life. His wife was like so many women as she spread her legs to accommodate his load of sperm but that was the extend of her interest in sex.

She was a good mother and wife and she did her part to make her husband look good when they had business dinners that required her attendance. She had no idea her husband was finding the kinky sex he so desired in other women.

He was looking for that one woman that he was sexually compatible with that had no interest in anything permanent. He thought he may have finally found her in this beautiful woman he had met online.

They had very interesting conversations that were mentally stimulating and he found her so damn erotic and he thought often how she tasted and how she would react to their first sexual encounter.

He could see her crossing the street in her raincoat and signature sunglasses. She always wore sunglasses because her blue eyes were so sensitive to the light.  She didn’t care that she was getting slightly wet from the drizzle.

She opened the door and spotted him right away and they both smiled at the same time as they saw each other.  Her high heels clicked on the floor and the sound made him instantly get an erection.

He knew when she wore a raincoat that she wore very little underneath it. True to form she slid into the chair and she gave him a come hither look. He could always tell by her eyes where her mind was focused.

She licked her lips and took a small drink of his cafe con leche and she told him she couldn’t wait to drink him in. She was always such a tease but she was a woman who knew how to turn a man on and how to fulfill his sexual fantasies.

She reached across the table and took his hand and as she looked down she let out a full laughter that he couldn’t understand. She saw the tan line and told him a married man who removes his ring should be smart enough to realize a tan line will expose him.

She took his middle finger and slid it into her mouth which was outlined with a shade of pink that looked so pretty on her. She moved his finger in and out of her mouth and said “let’s get out of here”.

He led her out of the restaurant and to his car and as he opened the door for her he slid his hand under her coat. He could feel lace and satin and his cock pushed hard against his zippered pants.

They chatted  amorously as they headed to the overpriced hotel room he had gotten for them. He held her hand and led her into the elevator and as soon as the door closed he grabbed her and kissed her hard.

He began to unbutton her coat and as he got to the third button the elevator stopped. The doors opened and he took her by the hand and led her down the hall to the room. He opened the door and she was met by a beautiful bouquet of wild flowers, a fruit and cheese platter and a fine bottle of vino.

He removed her coat and stepped back to admire her beautiful body encased in lovely black lace and satin lingerie. He kissed her and his hands began to roam her  body. He undid her bra and her breasts sprang free and he took one nipple into his mouth.

His hands worked their way down to her stockings and he undid the garters and slid off her stockings. His hands moved over her ass and his thumbs moved under her panties and slid them down.

He finally let her nipple escape his mouth and he kissed her abdomen and down to her bare mound. He moved his lips down to hers and he parted her with his tongue and began to suck on her tender blossom.

He pushed her back onto the bed and she automatically bend her knees and pulled them into her butt and spread them wide. She was so excited she couldn’t help but cum immediately.

As she pulled away from him he grabbed her and continued to give her orgasm after orgasm and he made her squirt. She had never squirted before and this experience was so awesome she never wanted it to end.

She finally begged him to stop as the post orgasm teasing was driving her wild. She pulled him up to her by his ears and kissed him hard. They cuddled and snuggled and fell asleep in each others arm listening to the rain pelting the window.