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They had chatted online for quite some time and he was a reminder of Clark Kent as he looked so much like him. They agreed to meet downtown and when she entered the restaurant she had no problem locating him.

She slid into the chair with a huge smile on her face as he was just so attractive in his glasses and jet black hair. He was a preppy dresser and being vice president of sales gave him an air of class that was more than apparent.

He had placed them at a table in the rear of the restaurant and no one would pass their table unless they were serving them.  He had ordered a carafe of wine for them to share and he asked her if she would care for some.

He poured the wine slowly and just enough for her to taste and see if she liked it. She swirled  the wine in the glass and put it up to her nose to inhale the fragrant bouquet that floated up from the bottom of the wine glass.

As she was inhaling the bouquet she had slipped her shoes off and had placed her feet in his crotch under the table. He was a foot man, loved women feet and loved being masturbated with feet enrobed with stockings.

He enjoyed the feeling of the soft stocking material against his bare cock and he was so turned on by her. She knew what effect she had on him and ordered him in a low sexy voice to unzip his pants and let his hardness escape.

He didnt know which was more of a turn on, the feeling of her feet rubbing his cock or knowing what she was doing in public to him. She continued to stroke his cock with her feet and this made him insane with desire for her.

The waitress walked up to the table and she had no idea what was going on underneath her nose.  He tried to keep his composure as he ordered them a greek salad minus the feta cheese as she didn’t care for the cheese.

The waitress returned with their salad and he had the feta put on the side so he could add it to his plate of salad without worrying that it would get on her greens and offend her taste buds. 

As she slowly drizzled the salad dressing onto her salad she continued to massage his cock with her feet. He was so excited and was so enjoying their lunch together but he couldn’t wait to get out of the restaurant with her.

She ate her salad as she looked deep into his eyes and told him she was enjoying their lunch as much as he was. She loved the control she had over him with her feet  and she knew when they went back to his car that he would want to suck her toes and masturbate.

She could hear his low moan of pleasure and he wanted her to let him cum but she continued to tease him bringing him to the edge and stopping.  She finally  decided to let him experience a release under the table and she had no doubt that he would shoot his load and it would end up dripping off the bottom side of their table.

Just as he was shooting his wad the waitress walked up and asked if they would care for some desert. He was unable to answer her so she took the lead and said “no thank you” to their waitress.

He used the cloth napkin to clean himself up a bit and he placed his limp cock back behind the privacy of his zipper. She slid her feet back into her high heels and he paid the bill and off they went to his car.

He had parked in the parking structure which gave them some privacy and his car was parked in the corner where privacy was available.  She slid into the car as did he and she turned to face him and swung her feet up onto his lap.

He slid off her shoes and put one up to his nose to inhale the lovely odor that was such a turn on to him.  He slid his body around to face her with  one knee bent which allowed for her feet to rest upon his crotch.

He let his hardness free once again and she stroked him with such grace and talent.  He couldn’t help but release again as she so turned him on.  He slid his hands up under her dress and worked his way behind the barrier of the crotch material.  

He could feel her wetness and he fingered her delicate bud as he kissed her with all the romance any man could ever hope to have. He wasnt a man that found giving oral sex satisfying to him so he had mastered the use of his fingers.

He manipulated her clit so that she was literally dripping with pleasure and his kisses were so romantic and he was a wonderful kisser as was she. She had multiple orgasms and both were exhausted from such a delightful luncheon.

They straightened their clothing and said there good byes until the next time and she slipped out of the car. She found her way to her own automobile and unlocked the door and slid behind the drivers wheel.

She rested her head on the head rest and closed her eyes as she relived moments that had passed shortly ago.  She couldn’t wait until they met again as she so needed and wanted the orgasms that he was able to give her.