It was a balmy summer evening that made it uncomfortable to walk outside as the humidity stuck to the skin. They walked hand in hand and chatted like two young children.

They enjoyed the time they spent together and it was easy for both of them to communicate. They complimented each other in so many ways and they were literally almost a perfect fit.

She wore a yellow sundress and he wore a very nice shirt and shorts and they looked like to aged children as they giggled and laughed as they walked.  They came upon the James Scott Memorial Fountain just as it began  expelling its liquid contents.

They took off their shoes and she slid her hand up under her dress and undid the garters that held up her stockings. He removed his berluti rapieces reprises and sox and he grabbed her hand and pulled her towards the fountain.

They ran through the water and the cool crisp water felt so refreshing on their skin as the water poured over their heads. She wasn’t wearing a bra and once her dress got wet you could see her nipples protruding.

This excited him tremendously and she could see the outline of his stiff cock through his wet shorts.  He pushed her up against the base of the fountain and kissed her deeply as he grinded his hardness into her pelvis.

They realized that they were not in a position or place to be making out and they made the decision to walk along the edge of the Detroit River. It was such a hot and humid day that their clothes dried rapidly.

They headed back to his car and he immediately turned on the air conditioning. He began to kiss her and she began to undo the buttons of his shirt. She slid her hand under the material of his shirt and she got so turned on by the feel of his chest.

He was a tall man and very thin but his chest excited her so and she couldn’t help but to get wet. He moved his hand under the fabric of her dress and found her erect nipple which he began to pinch and tease.

Here they were two grown adults acting like two horny teenagers but they so enjoyed themselves. She undid his belt, snap and zipper and his erect cock so enjoyed being free from the confinement of the fabric of his shorts.

She began to slowly stroke his cock as he worked his way between her thighs. He found her tender bud of pleasure and the wetness between her legs was quite abundant.

They stroked and played with each other until they exploded with quite powerful orgasms. The thought of being caught along with acting like kids turned both of them on so much.

Once they had achieved physical pleasure they exited his  Mercedes and he walked her to her car. He opened the door for her and she slid in behind the wheel and he bent down and kissed her goodbye.