It was an evening where the air was cool and comforting as she drove down the road with her windows down and the breeze hitting her face.  She saw a car pulled over to the side of the road and a gentleman down on his knees getting ready to jack up his car to change the flat tire.

She turned her headlights on high beam and put her car in park and exited it and headed towards him.  She asked him if he needed any help and when he faced her to answer her she kicked him in the face knocking him over onto the road. She quickly put the hood over his head and then she pulled his arm behind him and handcuffed him. She grabbed the other arm and handcuffed it as well and he was now at her mercy.

He was so taken aback that he had no words to address her and she told him what a piece of shit he was and that he would pay for being an asshole.  She didn’t know him and only knew that his greatest desire was to be kidnapped and abused without any mercy.

She ripped off his shirt and removed his pants, sox and shoes and ordered his naked ass into the trunk of her car. She lowered the jack and threw it in the trunk of his car. He closed the trunk and locked the car and made it appear like the owner had no spare and went looking for help.

She drove over the bumpiest part of the road she could which made his ride most uncomfortable. She finally drove into her garage and lowered the door so no one could see her hostage.  She opened the trunk and helped him out and guided him down the stairs that let to the entrance of her basement.

She pushed him through the door and put hooks to his handcuffs and clipped them to the eyehooks in the ceiling. He was at her mercy and she was not going to be kind in the least bit.  She put a spreader bar between his legs and slapped him hard in the balls knocking the wind out of him.

She put the baby clothes pins on his nipples and cock and balls and then she slapped his cock hard. the clothespins caused a tremendous amount of pain but this is what he wanted. He wanted the kidnap and abuse scene to be as real as possible and she would do everything she could to make his fantasy come alive.

She placed the thick black leather dog collar around his neck and then clipped on the leash. She ordered him to follow her like the dog he was and she ordered him to sit with his legs underneath him.

She sat down and put her thigh high boots that she was wearing into his lap. She then ordered him to worship her boots by kissing and licking them from top to bottom. She handed him her boot shining kit and he knew what he was to do.

He took out the soft cloth and the cleaning supplies and he buffed her beautiful boots to a full shine. She admired his handy work and patted him on the head telling him what a good job he had done.

As a reward for her pet she lead him to the bedroom and ordered him to get on all fours on the bed.  He did as he was told and he got so excited that the pre cum from his cock dripped heavily.

She turned and walked toward her table of equipment and she took out a pair of non latex gloves. Once he saw the gloves on her hands he knew that he would be experiencing a plug up his ass and maybe if he had really pleased her she would use her strap on. 

She opened the bottom of anal lubricant and poured a generous amount into the palm of her gloved hand. She never placed one lubed finger up his ass and then another.  She knew exactly how to massage the prostrate and this was so enjoyable to him.

She stroked his cock as she worked his ass and he could feel an orgasm building that would knock him on his ass. As she teased his prostrate she also teased his cock and finally she milked him.

He was totally exhausted from her skilled hands and she could tell he had really enjoyed himself. She ordered him off the bed and to follow her to his cage where she ordered him inside and closed and locked the door.

She told him to get some rest as she had a busy day and wouldn’t be back for quite some time.  He got comfortable in his cage and he was so thankful that he had such a loving mistress. He couldn’t wait for her to return as he so enjoyed making her happy any way he could.