He was born under the alignment of stars that lead to fame and wealth and he was given a girl that he would meet when they were both in their teens. She would become his wife and produce four healthy sons but never a daughter could she produce.

As He became more and more famous and the money rolled in on cargo ships they learned how to live a life of wealth and little effort on their part to live a normal life. They had a maid or two and they never wanted for anything.

She didn’t want to cook or do laundry like other wives as the money allowed her to follow her passion which was in clothing and design. He did what he loved which was playing the game that was so well-known around the world.

He tried to be a good husband and father but there was a part of him that always wanted to run free and wild. He had a side of him that he would never show his wife or anyone for that matter.

He traveled extensively and his family had seen so much of the world that travel would be something that was taken for granted. He gave his family everything their hearts desired that could be purchased and that is what made his family become distant.

His children would never know how to do many things for themselves like he had learned as a young boy. He bought his children every new technology device and he bought them their careers as well.

As the years past his marital relationship became sexually boring and distant and neither he or his wife were really happy. They bought there happiness which only lasted momentarily.

He found himself straying from the marital bed to be in a young girls bed and between her sheets and thighs. She made him feel so desirable as she flirted and teased him and finally opening her body to him.

She knew what she had and having a wealthy famous married man who would buy her whatever her heart pleased as long as he got laid. She knew the power she had over an older man and she didn’t hold back one second.

The relationship started out casual and fun but the closer his divorce came the more obvious it became that his young girlfriend wanted to marry and she would stop at nothing to get that ring on her finger.

What she didn’t know was he was enjoying the sex and spending time with her but he would eventually grow tired of her. the age difference was too much as he needed a woman who could mentally challenge him as well as stimulate him.

He had finally realized that he needed to be single, yes totally single and he had to break it off with his young mistress. This was difficult to do but he knew he would never marry her and he would never be happy with her.

He continued to follow the one woman who had grabbed his attention six years prior. He read every word that she wrote and he fantasized about being with her. This woman was someone who scared the shit out of him as she would and could easily reject him as is money and power had absolutely no effect on her.

She wasnt a woman impressed by gifts or wealth and she had no desire to be with anyone famous and wealthy as he was. That was exactly how he had lived his life by using his fame and wealth to open any door of his choosing.

Like the woman he followed he believed in karma, astrology and soul mates and no matter how he tried to forget the woman he just could never turn and walk away. Yes, he had had his flings with other women but none of them touched him the way she did.

He wanted to meet the woman so badly but his fear of her rejecting him was to strong for him to overcome. He knew that he had done things and said things to her online that hurt her and he feared that she would slap the shit out of him if he were ever to meet her.

He thought he knew this woman so well but he didn’t know her at all and like him she wanted to meet him just to get the unanswered questions but to rest. She wanted to know if there was an attraction between the two that was undeniable and had nothing to look with appearances.

She needed to know if they were meant to be in each others lives as she had felt since the moment he reached out to her online.  He would try to forget her but he would never succeed because they were tied together by the red string of fate.