The hardest thing to get over is losing the love in your life. You may lose that love by your own choice by ending the relationship and walking away. You can also lose that love by the person leaving you behind and calling it quits.

Nothing hurts more than watching someone you once loved or still love moving into the arms of another. When relationships end it hurts both people but usually not at the same time.

The one that leaves doesn’t feel the pain right away as they generally leave for another. They climb into the bed and arms of a new love but it isnt love at it as it is infatuation. 

After the infatuation wears off you see the person for what they want from you and its usually marriage. When the newness wears off you start to weigh your options and the one you left doesn’t look like such a bad bet after all.

You already know the person and what to expect from them and you have a history that spans numerous years. You have grown with that person, raised your family, your career has grown and you have many fond memories.

The new one in your life begins to pressure you for more than just your time, they want your name attached to theirs and they want on your bank account as well. If you are dating a younger woman she wants to produce a child that will bind the two of you.

If you are smart you see where the relationship is heading and you know you do not want to walk that path again. You  do not want to be father or husband as you are escaping a relationship so you can experience things as a single adult.

So many occasions are reminders of easier, happier times and yes the melancholy can overtake us. Once we make the move to leave our marriage behind there is no turning back there is no mending the damage.

Once we file for divorce the anger and pain rips open a gaping hole of pain tha can never be repaired. We can try to go home but we never can no matter how hard we try to repair the damage.

Being alone teaches us so much about life and about ourselves but once we are done playing the single game we once again want to settle with one person. We are not looking for marriage again right away but we are looking for a partner that stimulates us mentally as well as physically.

It isn’t so easy to open our heart up again to love because so many want to be with us for what we have and who we are. If you find someone who has no interest in your wallet grab that person and kiss them deep.  A simple kiss will tell you all you need to know as it is true it is all in the kiss.