You tried to play me last October trying to find out if I still had the nude pictures of you that you sent me. Yes, I still have them and no I am not the type of woman who would post them online.

You thought I was so stupid to fall for your line of wanting me to help you business wise in the states and cook for you. Do you really think I was that stupid to think that you would need anything that I may have information about or the ability to do for you?

You are very wealthy and you buy everything and everyone and it is nauseating to see you fall into the same category as so many other wealthy people. You think you are so much better than most people and the only love you will ever have in your life with either be bought or your sister Gabriella.

I had no idea who you were when you first contacted me but you just couldn’t be happy with anonymity could you? No, you had to be sure that I knew who you were because that is the only way you felt you could get my attention.

I pray for you because you are shallow and even though you may be a romantic you know nothing of love or how to truly love. I offered you friendship because that is more important than love in my book.

You contact me and act like an ass and you make me want to puke because it sickens me how you act. Grow up because you are an old man and your days are numbered and if you want real love then be a real man for a change.

If you ever plan on spending a moment in my presence then you need to be the man God meant you to be, not the man who money has made of you. Quit being a dick and step up to the plate and treat me like the woman I deserve to be treated like.