It was going to be another year of high school nothing special just another boring year hanging with his boys. He carried his math book down by his side as he strolled through the hallways thinking of nothing special.

He turned the corner and there she was, a girl of beauty he had never even thought possible could exist. She had dropped her pencil and had bent over to pick it up and as she arose she looked at him through beautiful eyes.

He knew he had to have her, find out who she was, her name, where she lived. He saw her turn and walk away with some girls he knew and he would find out who she was before the end of the day.

The detective within him found one of the girls that “his girl” was walking with and he cornered her, ferreting out the information he sought out about his beauty. He let it be known he wanted to meet this girl, take her out, spend time with her.

Like most high school kids he used his channel of friends to get the message to her and they played the “do you want to get to know me” game. Her friends told her what a catch he was, how she was so lucky to have caught his eye and how she would be a fool if she didnt go out with him.

The football game Friday night would be a perfect opportunity to ask her if she would like to go with him. He walked by her locker every change he got hoping to run into her and he happened to come by at the perfect time.

She was reaching up to the top shelf trying to get a book that had been pushed further back and difficult to reach. He walked up and asked her if he could help her and sheepishly she said yes, could you please get me my book?

He reached up and grabbed the book for her with the vision of her skirt pulling up as she reached up for the book. He felt his heart race and he could feel beads of sweat form on his forehead.

Then he handed her the book and he asked her who her teacher was for english as he handed her the english book. He told her he had the same teacher the year prior and the class was easy.

They both smiled and let out a small laugh as their eyes met. He got over being nervous rather quickly as he felt so comfortable with this girl, as if he had known her forever.

He asked her to the game Friday night and that is how it all began. They dated and had no desire to want to date anyone else. They grew together over the few years of high school.

In their senior year they began to talk of their hopes, dreams and wishes and how they wanted careers, the house with the picket fence and the 2.5 children. They were a lovely couple that obviously fit together like a hand and glove.

Once they graduated they had a beautiful wedding and they went on to reach for their desired careers. They were a smart couple as they had put off having children until they were established.

On a cool Saturday morning they were in bed spooning and chatting and out of no where she felt sick. She ran to the bathroom and threw up and both of them thought she had the flu.

She waited but after several days of being very sick they began to wonder if she was pregnant. Both of the giddy with the thought of a child in her womb they were happy even if she was sick.

After a week of being very ill she went to the dr. as it wasnt normal to be so sick.  The dr. ran tests and sent her home. She received a call from the dr. office and they requested her to come back in to see the dr.

She set the appt. and felt a knot in her stomach, the knot of fear of the unknown that we get when something isn’t right and we know it. She didn’t tell him about the appt or anyone else for that matter.

She went to the appointment and sat in the waiting room as her nerves began to build making her stomach churn with a sickening feeling. The nurse called her back but this time she didnt weigh her or give her a gown to put on.

The dr. came in and he was very stoic as he told her that she had cervical cancer and he gave her a name of a dr. that specialized in that type of cancer. The dr. answered as many questions as he could for her but it was obvious to her that it was painful for him to have to tell her such news.

She went home and told him the news and being a positive bloke he told her they would get through this together. They had been married five years and it was the happiest time for both of them but the time was nearing an end.

He held her hand through the chemo treatments and he told her he loved her even as she lost her hair and couldn’t keep anything she ate down. He loved her regardless of the illness.

It tore him apart to see her suffer so but his heart just wasnt ready to let her go. It took a toll on him as she withered away before his eyes. He would never love another woman the way he loved her and he sat by her bed and held her hand as she took her last breath.

He went through the next five months living in a form of denial as he refused to allow himself to grieve properly. His friends set him up on a blind date even though he wasnt ready.

He took her out and then brought her back to his place where she leaned over to kiss him. She placed her hand on his stiff cock and he immediately had a premature ejaculation.

This worried him terribly as this had never been a problem before and he feared this could be a permanent failure on his part. He then started to investigate the world of bdsm.

He had a dominant female friend that put a humbler on him and she pulled hard on it and once again he prematurely ejaculated. She was pissed he came on her floor and ordered him to lick up his own cum.

He had found a website,  which was a way to connect with others in the bdsm world. She found him as she searched new members in her area, she reached out to him as she did many newbies.

She always tried to help those new to the lifestyle as with any website  their were people who lied and used others. She tried to help newbies and protect them as she hated it when people took advantage of those new to the lifestyle.

She reached out to him and told him if he ever had any questions to feel free to contact her. She was a pro domme but she wasn’t soliciting him and she knew how his heart ached for the loss of his love.

She knew by chatting with him that he wasn’t allowing himself to grieve as he should. The loss was so painful he lived in denial as it made him feel safe.  He was a handsome man, a man who would one day love again but that day would not be today or tomorrow.

She tried to get him to accept the fact that grieving is the only way to heal and that he wasnt ready to date again. His friends tried so hard to help him but he had to help himself first.

He had to let the pain in his heart escape and that was the hardest thing he had ever done. Trying to let go because the pain meant she was still with him and he just didn’t want to let her go.

His new friend the domme brought him into her fold and she played with him. She didn’t charge him but she did let him experience different things in the bdsm world.  Her goal was to help him with the premature ejaculation and she knew that this problem was directly associated with the loss of his wife.

His denial of grieving and the fact that he was depressed didn’t help the situation at all. He listened intently to his new friend and he knew she was right, he knew he needed to deal with the loss instead of burying it.

He enjoyed pain and his domme decided to teach him the joys of cbt. She tied his ankles together and hooked him to a wench that lifted him up off of the floor feet first. She tied a belt just below his knees as he hung like a fish on a hook.

She started giving him a good caning on his ass and then his balls. By the time she was done his ass had welts and his balls were black and blue.  He enjoyed the cbt session but his main concern was his pre ejaculation issues.

He was young and strong and should not be dealing with pre ejac issues.  The domme put a humbler on his balls and pulled hard on it and he ejaculated all over the  floor.  She then ordered him to lick up every drop.

She released him from the gantry and handcuffed him to the ceiling eye bolts. She put the parachute on his balls then put a can of soup on it to be used as weights.  His balls were pulled down as she stroked his cock.

Just as he was ready to cum she wrapped his cock in a semi frozen bag of ice which took away his erection. She did this several times and finally he begged her to let him cum

She told him she would allow him an orgasm and as he built up to cum he was over come with the strongest orgasm of his life. It was the longest and strongest orgasm he had ever experienced.

She let him go and he gave her a hug and thanked her for her time and the lessons she had taught him. He told her he would visit her again and hopefully she could stop his pre ejac all together.