That sat across from each other drinking a sauvignon and enjoying the company of one another. They chatted about non consequential things and the typical small talk that two people talk about when enjoying a fine dinner.

The dinner was exquisite as they shared Coquilles Saint-Jacques and then they moved on to baked camembert with a lovely red Bordeaux. the next course was Moules Marinieres and they drank a blond Belgian ale with their meal.

They finished their meal with a clafoutis, traditionally made with cherries but they switched the cherries  for rhubarb. Their dinner was thoroughly enjoyed by both and he watched her intently as she inserted a fork full of food gracefully into her mouth.

There was something so sensual about the way she ate, the way she looked at him, the way she gently touched his hand with her own. She dipped her index finger into the juice from the rhubarb and slipped her finger into his mouth.

Then she brought her finger to her own mouth and slowly licked the tip of it as she looked deep into his eyes. He was so aroused by this woman he thought he would pre ejaculate right there at the dinner table.

She brought up the subject of movies and asked him if he liked to watch porno and of course he said yes. She began to share the story line of the latest porno she had watched and she was so descriptive he felt as if he was living the story line himself.

She described how the woman was leaning over into the trunk of her car and the man walked up behind her. He slipped his hands up under her dress only to find the woman was wearing nothing underneath.

He lifted her dress up and threw it on her back as he fell to his knees and buried his face into her ass. He forced her legs apart farther and farther until he could bury his face into the richness of her very essence.

He licked and sucked and she spread her legs further and further apart forcing herself down onto his tongue. He buried his tongue into her and she exploded into his mouth, squirting her juices of excitement down his throat.

He lifted himself up and grabbed her hair while he thrust his hard cock into the wetness he had just left. He pounded her over and over, deeper and deeper until he exploded. He continued to bury is cock into her and to his surprise he had another orgasm as she begged him to fill her with every inch of his manhood.

The story was so erotic and sexually enticing he wanted to experience it first hand and he told her so.  They both just laughed and finished up their wine and exited the restaurant.

He walked her to his car hand in hand and he stopped under the full moon and kissed her deeply and passionately. As they walked up behind his car he said to her ” o no the damn car has a flat”.

They stood behind the car as he opened the trunk and he kissed her and rubbed her breasts slipping his hand under the cloth and into her half cup bra. He pinched her nipple as he kissed her and ground his hard cock into her groin and they both moaned like two young kids.

He kissed her several more times and spun her around and buried his hand into the back of her head grabbing a hand full of her hair. He forced her to bend over into the trunk of the car and he slipped his hands up under her dress.

He let his hands roam over the satin panties she was wearing and he pulled them down to her knees. He forced her legs apart and he fell to his knees. He buried his face into her ass and as she spread further he moved forward to her clit.

Just as she had described the porno he followed suit and replayed the storyline without missing a beat.  They both exploded with delicious orgasms and decided to take their love making back to his place where they spent the rest of the evening making passionate love until they fell asleep in each others arms.