I have always been a secure and independent female but I also have my moments of self-doubt and insecurity. The one thing I have learned in life is the importance of truth and how it controls our lives.

When we are honest and truthful we live a much healthier life and we tend to be much happier. This is the problem with so many people as they  pretend to be someone they are not or they use their power to control others.

By being an insecure individual is to be a liar to ourselves as we fear being rejected by the very person that will make us happy. When we are used to buying people instead of making normal and healthy relationships we begin the cycle of insecurity.

We ask ourselves “is this person in my life for me or for what I have?”  and if you are well off chances are high that you are being used for what you have. If you are fortunate to meet someone who has no desire to live for materialism and caring for others and giving love freely is part of their makeup you damn well better grab hold of that person before they slip away.

This is a common problem with wealthy people as they begin to live a life of insecurity and in turn they become manipulating and controlling in their personal as well as business life.

The very person they admire, desire and so wish to be with is the very person that scares the hell out of them. They fear that the person they desire can see through their facade and see that they are nothing more than insecure individuals that are in dire need of real love and affection.

We can sit back from a distance and read every word the person we wish to be with writes and look at every picture of the person. What does this do? Nothing more than make us fantasize and wonder what that person would really feel like, what they would think of us.

If you are willing to be honest with yourself then you can be honest with that one person you so desire. Being honest builds the relationship you have always dreamed of but never obtained, being honest will open a door that has been shut for a very long time.