Do you ever sit and wonder how you got where you are today? The path that you have walked and the cracks that have tripped up your life. Have you ever wondered what God’s grander plan is for you?

In our youth we are given talents that we share with others in many different ways. We could be a great chef, athlete, musician ect. but what happens when the music stops?

What happens when the run of our youth takes a final spill and puts us permanently on the side lines. Who are we then? Who do we become? I believe we are tested in many different ways and God gives us the ability to do good or to choose being evil.

Some of us become wealthy and self-absorbed while others live hand to mouth and give everything they can to help another.  It does not make a better man out of the one that is mean and hateful.

We find that karma not only seeks us out, karma teaches us how to learn valuable lessons. So many refuse to believe in aki ito or unmei no akai ito but it is true and it does exist.

We may seek out only  beauty of the eye while we pass the one person that is beautiful from within. We keep coming back to that one person and it may be for only a moment but we keep coming back, why is that?


Have you ever wondered why you cannot let go of that one person that is at the end of your finger tips? You may have never met but the connection is so strong that even you could not walk away.

Do you ever wonder why that person was brought into your life? Why you keep connected to that person? You may find the connection through the written word of that person or you may find the connection another way but the connection is there regardless.


When someone you have never met face to face touches your life on a regular basis that person is part of your karmic debt. That one individual is the only person that can fulfill part of the karma that follows you.

That very person could be the one that gives you the love that you have searched for your entire life. That very person could be the one that has the power to fill your heart like it has never been filled before. Do not be foolish and let that person slip through your fingers and out of your life as what is meant to be is meant to be and if you are smart you will allow yourself to feel what is meant to be felt, finally.