So many people do not realize that it’s not who you spend Friday night with that counts, it’s the one you spend all day Saturday with that makes the grade. When you feel comfortable with someone you have no problem having oral sex with that person and kissing afterwards.

So many women are uncomfortable with their bodies and fellatio is as foreign to them as escargot. Like most women I feel awkward the first couple of times I am naked with a man in the same bed.

It’s funny how I feel slightly uncomfortable when I am naked in front of a man the first several times we are together but I can piss in front of him with no problem. I am very open sexually and I enjoy the exploration of a mans body.

I write a lot of erotica because it’s the only way I can express my  sexual side safely. I refuse to have sex with a man who isn’t going to be around for a while. I will never sell myself short and I will never hook up with a guy for what he has.

I have dated very successful men and have been flown many places to meet them and have even traveled around the world to different places to spend time with them.  I have found that men with money are into themselves and blow their own horn way to much.

I have always been an independent woman and I have never been able to take financial help from any man.  I don’t want a man to support me I want to support myself and my kids.

I want a man that is successful because those type of men keep me mentally stimulated. They feed my intellectual side and they challenge me as well and that is what I need.

The man I am currently dating has read quite a bit of my erotica blog and he told me he felt very intimidated by what he read. He said to me that I come across so damn independent that he felt like I had no use for him other than to use him sexually.

This doesn’t surprise me as most men are intimidated by me and the biggest turn on for me is a guy  that doesn’t fear me. He can see that I am just as nervous and insecure as he is.

A strong, independent woman is a turn on for a guy but he has to get past his own insecurities to enjoy what she has to offer.  A real man will go after the woman he wants and he doesn’t let anything or anyone stand in his way.