His legs were cramping up as was his insides as he had to pee so bad but she had him locked in his cage and hadn’t let him out yet. He was never allowed to share her bed or her body and he was her toy, her slave.

He didnt know where she kept her other slave but he did know that they were required to keep her happy by fulfilling her every demand. They had been ordered to maintain the gardening, keep the house clean, laundry washed, dried and ironed, beds made and there was never to be a dirty dish in the sink.

They were always kept busy and she would use them for her entertainment, usually during the weekends. She would have clients that wanted to experience forced by and the slaves would be there to be of service to her.

She also had friends that enjoyed watching the slaves suck each others cocks, lick the boots of their domme, fuck each other or let one of their domme’s friends or clients fuck them.

She had taught them well but they would always make mistakes so she would have to punish them. They loved being punished and a good spanking was always a favorite of both of them.

She would give them an over the knee spanking leaving their asses bright red and throbbing. This was so mentally as well as physically satisfying to them and they would secretly do thing to make their domme mad just so she would punish them.

She kept them naked or in a thong when she had a client because they were so much more appealing with that tiny piece of fabric hiding their manhood and exposing their ass cheeks.

She would put them in humblers and slap their balls hard as she ordered them to masturbate each other. She slapped their balls with her hand, crop, brush and other implements.

She tied them up and suspended them, spanked them, poured hot wax on them, used a strap on their tight little asses, slapped them in the face, spit on them and basically abused them for the sheer pleasure of others.

She finally walked into the bedroom and he could hear her mules connecting with the floor as she walked towards him. She told him he was a good pet and asked him if he wold like to come out to  pee.

He told her “yes, my beautiful Mistress” and she bent over and unlocked the cage he lived in. She hooked the leash to the collar around his neck and he followed her on all fours to the bathroom.

The other slave was already in the bathroom waiting for them and the one on all fours was pulled up by the leash to a standing position.  His hands were then handcuffed behind his back and the other slave ordered to direct the stream of urine coming from the slaves cock.

Once he had relieved himself he was ordered to step back from the toilet and the other slave was ordered to sit his naked body upon the toilet. He was then ordered to suck the cock of the slave that was standing.

He was to suck his cock until he came and to lick the cock clean and swallow every drop of cum. He was ordered to massage the slaves balls and finger his ass until he was to the point of cumming.

He was ordered to tease and deny the orgasm about three times and then finally he allowed the other slave to cum.  Their domme enjoyed the scene and filmed the entertainment only to post it on the internet for purchase.

Her slaves her filmed regularly doing their chores or being used for her entertainment and she profited handsomely from the videos. They enjoyed making the videos for her and tried to enhance the videos any way they could.

They had recently made a video where one slave had his arms and legs tied spread eagled on the bed. The other slave was shaving the crotch and balls and preparing for a session of hot wax and strap on play.

Next to the bed on the night stand was wax candles, a lighter, lubrication, strap on and condoms. He had finished up the shaving and wiped the clean-shaven area dry so the skin was prepared for the hot wax play.

She walked into the room with a lovely black lingerie outfit and her thigh high boots and she looked sexy as fuck. She walked over and picked up a candle and lit it and she then ordered the other slave to start licking the asshole of the slave tied down.

He began licking the ass of the slave as she held the candle high above the bed and watched the droplets of hot wax land on and around his cock. She then walked to the freezer and took out the bag of ice and brought it into the room.

She placed the ice on his skin and it cooled it and when the hot wax landed upon his skin he could no longer feel the wax. He was enjoying the wax play and he loved having his asshole licked and his cock was so hard he thought he would burst.

She ordered the other slave to rub the balls and cock of the slave that was tied down and he was ordered to stroke the cock until it burst with pleasure. He was then ordered to clean up the liquid expelled from the cock.

He went into the bathroom and ran the water until it was warm and then ran the wash cloth under it until it was thoroughly soaked. He then wrung out the excess water and walked back into the room.

He cleaned up the subdued slave and then he was ordered to put on the strap on and to fuck the ass of the slave while she directed him. She told him to enter the ass slowly after he lubed up his strap on as well as the asshole.

She ordered him to untie the ankles of the slave and have him bend his knees. He did as he was told and there in front of him was an exposed asshole waiting to be penetrated.

He slowly entered the ass and as he did he could see the cock getting hard. As he slowly entered the ass she walked over and placed a surgical glove upon her hand and she squirted two shots of lube into her hand.

He was entering the ass very slowly and she began to stroke the cock and the slave began to moan in pleasure. He begged for her to allow him to cum and to have his ass fucked harder and deeper.

She could feel his orgasm building and she allowed the other slave to fuck the ass deeper and faster and she stroked his cock faster. His orgasm was building and he finally exploded.

He had never felt anything so strong and enjoyable in his life and he thanked his mistress as well as the other slave. The other slave cleaned up and released the slave and they were ordered to start doing their daily chores, which they did with great pleasure.