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People ask me if God has forsaken them because they are in the bdsm lifestyle. God doesn’t forsake any of us as he has given us free will. We are free to make our own choices but we are not free to choose the results of those choices.

If we do something that is wrong and we know it is wrong in our heart we will suffer from that choice. We can ask God to forgive us and if we are pure in heart when asking then I am sure he does grant forgiveness.


I am not religious but I am a very spiritual person and believe that God has great power and strength. I also believe that so many have turned their backs on God and have let greed lead their lives.

I am not one to judge others and like everyone else I have an opinion but most of the time keep it to myself. It is not up to me to judge as I do not wish to be judges but to only to accept and be accepted.

I have had things happen in my  life that I know was caused by an intervention and no oGod doesnt close doors he is always opening other doors for all us, even those in the bdsm lifestyle.ne can tell me different. I believe that God has chosen certain people to be rich and famous as I do believe that being in that situation is the hardest life of all.

So many think rich and famous have the best lives but I know that isn’t so. Money and fame make lives easier in one way but so much harder than most of us in other ways. Would you want to live in constant uncertainty if the  person you are with is with you for yourself or for your fame and money?

Would you want to always worry who was your true friend or if those people are using you? I would hate to have to wonder if everyone in my life was a true and honest person or only in my life because I provide a paycheck.

God makes the majority of us average and we have what we need to get through each and every day. God also gives some people a tougher road to follow as they may be poor and homeless.

We are constantly tested and given tasks and how we perform those tasks says volumes about us as a person. God is by our side at all times and he takes us by he hand when we feel lost.