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She never allowed her cuck to be in the same room when she was having sex with a bull. She had a special room built with a two-way mirror and she allowed him to watch her and her bull have an evening of fun.

He was ordered to replace the plain cotton egyptian sheets with the luxurious burgundy satin ones especially for evenings with a bull. He changed the sheets as she had ordered and she had him prepare a cheese and fruit tray for her and her bull to snack on.

He was also ordered to bring a bottle of their best Champaign and chocolates and set the tray on the night stand. Earlier that evening she had him draw her bath and bath her as well as shave her delicate areas.

She hated hair anywhere on the body except the head and she had her cuck maintain a smooth body at all times. Bathed her and washed her hair and helped her step out of the tub.

He dried her off with the plush bath towel and he applied body cream to her entire body. This was the only time he was ever allowed the pleasure of touching her nakedness.

She told him she was very horny and she ordered him to get her magic wand. He knew that the magic wand would give her an orgasm that made her legs shutter with delight.

She bent over the granite counter in the bathroom and he placed the wand upon her clit. She had an earth shattering orgasm within fifteen seconds of the wand vibrating against her clit.

Once she had recovered from her release he ran a wash cloth under the warm water and washed her delicate bud. He  helped her slip her feet into her mules and he slid the satin robe over her shoulders.

He walked with her to the bed and removed her mules and gave her a wonderful foot massage. She loved the massages as they relieved so much tension from her body and the foot rubs felt so wonderful.

He removed her robe and he pulled back the covers of her bed and watched as she slid her beautiful naked form under the covers. He told her he would be right back with her guest of the evening.

He brought the bull into her bedroom and she ordered her cuck to help the bull disrobe. He took each piece of clothing and hung it up so the clothing didnt litter her bedroom.

He pulled back the covers for the bull and once the bull was under them he covered the bull up.  His mistress ordered him to serve herself as well as the bull the cheese and fruit platter as well as the champaign.

He did as he had been instructed and then he removed himself from the room. He was so excited waiting for the evening to get into high gear but he knew she was very slow and sensual in her bedroom.

He left her room and found his rightful place in the chair behind the one way mirror. He could hear their conversation and watch her in action which was so hot he couldn’t help but pleasure himself.

He watched and listened as they  chatted and joked and then finally she took their glasses and sat them on the night stand.  She began to his her bull and run her hands over his body and finally finding his hard cock she began to stroke him.

 She ordered her bull to get into the 69 position as she wanted to taste him as much as she wanted him to taste her.  She sucked on his hardness and fondled his balls as he licked and tugged on her clit.

It didn’t take long for both of them to have an explosive orgasm and they both licked every drop of orgasm liquid from each others bodies. He got so excited watching his mistress suck the bulls big cock he couldn’t help but stroke his own meager member.

He knew he would never get the pleasure of licking or fucking his mistress so he had to do with the honor of watching and pleasuring himself. She had ordered him to masturbate behind the mirror and to eat every bit of his own orgasm leaving not a single drop to be seen anywhere in the room.

He looked through the mirror and watched as the bull pulled his mistress up on all fours and buried his member into her. He grabbed her hips and fucked her deep as she ordered him to fuck her deeper and faster.

His mistress and her bull played all night long and as the sun rose she rang the bell next to the bed which was meant for him to come into the room. He was once again ordered to draw her a bath.

As her drew the bath she had ordered her bull to shower and dress and remove himself from her presence. Her cuckhold helped the bull dress after his shower and showed him out.

He bathed his mistress and changed the sheets to her favorite cotton egyptian ones. He helped her into bed and he knew she would be asleep shortly after he covered her up. He then exited back to his cage in the corner and both the cuck and his mistress fell into a blissful sleep.