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She had been a widow for over four years and had not let a single man into her bed in all of that time. She was a very sexual woman and the touch of a man always excited her. She was tired of pleasing herself and had read about a local auction full of bulls.

She told her cuckhold that they would be going out that evening and to lay out her black lingerie top that she had just purchased along with her black pants. She also told him to shine her thigh high boots and make himself quite presentable for the affairs of the evening.

She sat in front of her makeup mirror and he picked up the hairbrush and began to brush her medium length blonde hair. He loved pleasing his mistress and it always made him smile when she acknowledged his efforts.

She had confided a great amount of information about herself and her private life and no one knew her better than her cuck. He slept with her but never was allowed to touch her or have sex with her.

She even refused to let him pleasure her orally as to do so was to dilute the power exchange and control that she had always kept a tight reign on. He was her little bitch and he did as she told him, no questions asked.

She had sat back as he brushed her hair and she had told him that she was finally going to get a bull to satisfy her sexual needs and that he, the cuck was going to pay the handsome rental fee for the bull.

Her cuck had the smallest penis she had ever seen and she knew he could never satisfy her with such a small member.  The auction guaranteed her an attractive, well built male with an average cock size of eight inches and a gurth that was impressive.

They walked into the auction and she was lead to the front row where she had two seats reserved just for her bidding. She undid the buttons on toga double-breasted coat and he helped her remove it.

He took her coat over to the coat check and made sure that they hung it in its own coat bag. She wasn’t a very picky woman at all but he was very picky and made decisions in her favor that he knew she never would.

He wanted his mistress to have the best that life had to offer even though he knew she was happy with anything he gave her. She appreciated everyone and everything anyone did for her.

He picked up two flutes of Champaign on the way back to his seat and he asked her if it was ok for him to drink the lovely liquid in the expensive Champaign flutes. She gave him permission to do so and they sipped slowly on the lovely liquid.

The lights dimmed in the ceiling behind them and the lights in front of them  were focused on center stage.  The bulls would come out one at a time and every inch of them were available for examining.

There was every ethnic group represented and all of them were in excellent health.  She had just returned from examining a string of polo ponies and she knew exactly what to look for in animals as well as men.

She had viewed several bulls but they did not appeal to her what so ever and she looked over the list of ones that were yet to come.  She looked at the stats of one bull and she thought he might have what it took to please her.

There was a picture of each bull with complete measurements including height, weight, length and girth of cock and even their shoe size. The auction house knew how to promote and get the highest bid for the services of such fine bulls.

It was finally time for the bull of her choice to  walk across the stage. He was pure muscle and hi s ass was solid muscle as well. He was self-assured and had shaved from his neck down.

He was attractive and she asked to see his cock in full bloom. He was only partially excited and he welcomed her touch to make his cock stand to full length. She walked up and began to fondle him and that excited him so much he became rock hard.

She was quite pleased with this male specimen and she instructed her cuck to bid on the bull. She informed the cuck that she had no intention of leaving the auction without her pick and that it was his responsibility to be sure he offered a high enough bid that no one else could match.

The bidding was fierce and he had to be extremely aggressive but he was able to secure his bid and purchase the services of the bull for his mistress. He paid the price and he told the buck that he was to follow him to his mistress.

He introduced his prize to his mistress and she was very  pleased and impressed with the way her cuck cared so much for her. She was impressed that he would go to such lengths to be sure that he won the  bid to please her.

Her cuck looked forward to the evening ahead as he would get to watch the bull please his mistress. He was not jealous but extremely envious of the bull as he knew the bull would get the opportunity to taste the juices of his lovely mistress.