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He wanted nothing more than to please his mistress and he would do anything she requested of him. He swept and scrubbed her floors, did her laundry, pressed her linens and kept her home immaculately clean.

He maintained her flower beds and kept the bushes trimmed as well as the grass cut and fertilized. He was her chauffer and he ran her bath and bathed her as well as laid out her clothing and foot wear for the day.

He was her everything when she wanted him he was there right by her side. He made sure she had the bull of her choice as often as she chose and he kept behind the scenes when she was being pleasured.

He so wanted to orally please his mistress but he knew that would never happen as his place was to fulfill her desires and to cross the sub mistress line would never happen. He respected her so much and he knew she had the power and he was to follow her lead.

Financially, things were not there best for her and she needed extra income to make her monthly payments. She wasnt extravagant in the least bit and she lived quite meager compared to most people.

She had learned long ago that  material possessions left one hollow and lonely and that family and friends that could be trusted were all that truly mattered in this world. She also knew that her spirituality gave her great strength and power most would never have or understand.

There had been this slave that would contact his mistress every couple of weeks in hopes that she would give him the time of day. He was a slave that needed a new owner and he was willing to do anything she said as long as she would take him on as hers.

She knew that her sub had a secret desire to suck cock of a younger male so she decided to meet the slave and see if he was worthy of serving her. They met for lunch and had an in-depth meeting and she laid out what was expected of him.

He would be available for her to use whenever she saw fit and he would literally do anything for her. She had a wonderful relationship with her sub and wanted to gift him the cock of a young slave.

She would have her sub wear a leather hood so he could not see who or what was before him and she would order her slave to stand naked in front of her kneeling sub and he would guide his cock into the open mouth of the sub.

She ordered her sub to suck the cock before him and stroke the balls the deeper he took the cock into his mouth. He would stroke the cock with the warmth of his mouth and take him deeper into his throat with each thrust.

The slave was ordered to move his cock in and out of the subs mouth faster and faster until he exploded his load deep into the throat of the sub. The sub would lick the slaves cock clean swallowing every drop of slave cum.

The sub would stroke the limp cock of the young slave until he was hard again and the sub would turn around for the slave. the slave would take his hard cock and lubricate it as well as the subs ass.

Slowly entering the ass of the sub the mistress sat back and filmed as the slaves cock disappeared into the ass of the sub. The mistress ordered the sub to request the slave to fuck him deeper and harder with each stroke.

The mistress was making a nice video of this session and both the sub and slave were obviously enjoying themselves. The sub was finally getting his virgin ass explored by the cock that he had sucked and he was enjoying every minute of it.

The slave could see how pleased the mistress was and he was looking forward to watching the video again and again. The mistress got so excited by watching the sub and slave that she began to stroke her clit.

The slave was on the verge of an orgasm as was the mistress and the sub was dripping pre cum as well. At last all three of them had wonderfully strong orgasms and they looked forward to the next time they had a session.

The video was edited and music added in the appropriate spots of the video and they were going to sit back and watch the movie they had made before it was put on the internet for sale.

Soon enough the sub and slave would be doing streaming video and they would have an audience that would pay well to watch. The mistress would finally have the income to pay off a loan against her home and make her life so much easier.