She walked from the stove to the fridge and grabbed the fresh seafood that she had collected earlier in the day from the market. She was making a heavenly seafood dish as they both so loved seafood as well as a good steak.

He walked into the kitchen and laid his keys on the counter but she was so involved in what she was doing she didn’t hear him. He walked up behind her and slowly lifted up her dress and rubbed his hands over her satin panties.

He loved the feel and smell of her and he slowly slipped down to his knees and he moved her body over to the counter where he ordered her to bend over. She did as she was told and she spread her legs waiting for the pleasure that was soon to come and take over her body.

He kissed her inner thighs and worked his way to her center of pleasure and he licked and sucked on her center until she cried out with an orgasm. She turned around and grabbed him by his tie and pulled him up to her and kissed him deep.

She undid his tie and unbuttoned his shirt and pulled the tail out of his pants. She rubbed the crotch and she felt the hardness of his beautiful cock and she couldn’t wait to remove his pants and take him.

She undid his zipper and undid the zipper and clasp and his pants dropped around his ankles. She rubbed his cock through his boxer briefs and he was stranding strong and proud awaiting the pleasure she would give him.

She slid her hand under his waist band and searched out his cock and she began to rub her hand over his stiffness. She always enjoyed how soft the skin was on his lovely member and she so enjoyed taking him into her mouth. 

She slowly slid to her knees and on her way down she pulled his briefs down with her.  He always kept himself shaved as he knew she disliked pubic hair. She massaged his balls with one hand and used the other hand to take his cock and bring it to her lips.

She slowly licked the head of his cock and took the head into her mouth, teasing the underside of the head of his member. She slowly took him deeper and deeper until he was fully engulfed into the warmth of her lovely mouth.

She stroked his cock with her hand as her mouth worked its magic up and down the length of his manhood. She knew that men loved their balls massaged as their cock was being sucked and she always did it so well.

She began to increase the speed of her mouth going up and down on him and this drove him crazy. He so loved having his cock sucked and he enjoyed it more than actually fucking.

She could tell he was on the verge of shooting his wad and she was ready to swallow every bit of his seed. He grabbed her ears and fucked her mouth and finally came giving her every drop of himself.

Both of them were spent and she slowly stood up and walked over to the counter and grabbed the bottle of wine. She poured both of them the lovely red liquid and she took his hand and led him to the Davenport.

They sat down and enjoyed their wine and the quiet time that was so comfortable between the two of them. He put his arm around her and rubbed her cheek affectionately and she rubbed his chest. Both of them cared deeply about each other and the sex was always so wonderful between the two of them.