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He was a business man who spent more time on planes than on the ground. He was retired from his self-made fame and he had experienced most things that people cannot even dream about.

He had his choice of women and he liked the young ones because he could control them and order them about like the little girls that they were. He liked their hard bodies and their desire to please him.

The girls in his life, and yes I say girls and not women because they were nothing but girls looking for a husband. He didn’t want to remarry and he was glad to have finally wrapped up his divorce from the woman who had been in his life since he was in his teens.

She was an excellent mother and she had become his best friend over time. They had a very vanilla lifestyle and their sex life was so boring he could scream every time he fucked her.

He was a typical kinky Aquarius and he could not change that about himself. He enjoyed the pleasures of sex any way he could get it and the kinkier his girl was the better.

He had been enjoying life with a much younger girlfriend but he got so bored with her as he had to teach her about life. She wanted to marry him and give him more children which is exactly what he didn’t want.

The woman who kept his interest for years lived a completely different life than he did but their childhood was quite similar. He finally realized that she was the only one that kept his interest and she was not only intelligent but she made him laugh.

He had never heard the male cock referred to as a “shar pei” before he read some short stories she had written.  The very thought of the comparison of male member and a dog made him laugh. He would be in a meeting and the thought would cross his mind and he would have to stifle a laugh.

He finally made arrangements to meet her but he had a very important meeting he had to attend and asked her if she would mind taking a ride with him. He had his driver take him to her home and pick her up.

He walked to the door and the gentleman he was he rang the doorbell and straightened his tie waiting for the door to open.  She opened the door and he was immediately taken aback at her beauty.

No, she wasnt a young woman and in fact she was older than he was but she was quite attractive for her age. The very thought of being with her sexually gave him an instant hard on.

She opened the door and stepped out and he took her by the hand and lead her to the car. His driver opened the car door for both of them and they slid into the back seat as they continued to chat.

His driver took them to his plane and as she climbed the steps to the plane he focused his eyes on her nice ass. She had a big ass and the thought of riding that ass kept him physically aroused.

They sat back and chatted about everything under the sun and they found that they had so much in common. He spoke broken english and she a little spanish but the two of them found themselves quite attracted to each other.

They finally landed in Hong Kong and they took a helicopter to the roof top of the peninsula Hong Kong.  They got on the elevator and  the 34th floor was his destination as he took her to the clipper lounge where they would enjoy a nice  dinner.

Dinner started with dim sum which included spring rolls, barbecued pork buns, wonton soup  and for dinner he had ordered foi gras topped with a green bamboo liquor. He had no idea she absolutely hated liver may it be from a calf or a duck.

She ended up requesting a simple salad with chicken breast and he felt like a fool for ordering her something that she didn’t care for. All the other women he had dated would have eaten it or at least choked it down and just to make him feel good, but not her.

She was so different from other women as she wasnt afraid to eat and she had a hardy appetite even if she did eat very little. She had a surgery that prevented her from eating much at one sitting but she wasnt afraid to eat in front of him like the other women.

He could never understand why women were always afraid to enjoy a meal in front of him. They were all very beautiful with the perfect body yet they ate like birds and never seemed to enjoy their meal.

Now this lady in front of him was not a stick thin woman but a woman who had plenty of substance and she wasn’t “fat” but she wasn’t stick thin either but just the right size for him.

He looked at her mouth as she spoke and all he could think about putting his cock between those beautiful pink lips. He couldn’t wait to get her in bed and he figured that she wouldn’t be too difficult to get into her panties.

He had never had any problem getting any other women into the sack and the thought that she would turn him down was not even an option in his mind.  They finished their meal and he took her by her hand and had him follow her to the elevator which would take them to the roof top and to the helicopter.

He walked up to her in the elevator and put his hand behind her neck and pulled her close so he could kiss her. She kissed him back and his cock took on a life of its own and he began to feel a throbbing.

He wanted this woman naked and open to him and he would say or do whatever he had to get his hand under her dress and past her panties. She informed him that he would not be allowed to go any further than a kiss or two and to forget about fucking her.

He found her to be so funny and he loved the thought that she wasnt an easy lay. They may have a bit of a language barrier but sex was still sex in any language.  He had finally met the woman that he wanted to be with and he would say or do whatever he had to, to make this woman his and his alone.