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From the moment he left his mother’s womb the world waited for him to display his greatness. He grew at the same pace as every other child his age  but there was always something different about this green-eyed boy.

His mother loved her first-born child more than her own husband which wasnt uncommon for a mother to do. Her baby boy loved his mother’s cooking and he grew a bit chunky which only gave his mother more to love.

His father taught him how to hunt and fish and he grew to be quite a talented young hombre. In his native country football was a sport everyone watched as they drank cerveza and made side bets on who would win.

He played football with all of the other neighborhood boys but his talent stood out like a sore thumb. He had been scouted and picked up by a famous Italian football team and like all the other new young men he played and practiced hard.

His talent shined brightly and he played the game like no other and he had become quite rich and famous. He set world records of all kinds including highest paid player in history.

He ate caviar and drank Champaign by the time he was twenty-one and his wife loved the freedom to buy what ever her heart desired. She was jealous and insecure and she a right to be as all the women wanted to be with her husband.

She would give her husband sex freely but her idea of sex was getting naked and spreading her legs. The thought of sucking his cock never entered her mind, not even once. She was the good latino wife and she did as was expected as she produced four children.

The children were sent off to the best boarding schools and the parents felt that they were giving their children the best. What they didn’t realize is the children got top-notch education but they lacked in love and affection from their parents.

As the years past the children grew and their father bought them into whatever profession they so chose.  Their father had it all, fame, fortune, respect and so much more but the children lacked the respect for their father.

Even though he had it all like everyone else we all fall down eventually. We may have every material thing but without true love and no one to share it with life became empty and lonely.

He began to watch porn on computers and he surfed dating sites looking for the perfect woman. One day as he was surfing he came across a woman who was so sensual he was quite taken with her.

He would follow her online and pretend to be so many different men just so he could chat with her. She had no idea who he was and it wouldn’t make a difference in the end any way.

He was used to being used and buying friendships as well as woman. This didn’t really phase him to much but once he finally retired life was looked at quite differently. He wanted more than an occasional fuck and he needed to be mentally stimulated by a lady.

His woman on-line owned him even though he thought he owned her by playing games and manipulating her online. He thought himself to be the consummate ladies man and the man who controlled ladies.

What he didn’t realize is that his lovely lady controlled him and owned him. He couldn’t go a day without reading something she wrote. He would read certain stories and wonder if it was him that she was talking about.

She wanted him in her life but she wanted him to explore other women because he didn’t do that in his youth. She knew neither of them spoke the others language fluently but that didn’t matter to her.

She knew how to get around a language barrier and she knew that a simple glance, a light touch, a gentle hug said volumes and no words were needed.  She also knew that he would forever be just satisfied with his life until he met her.

She had everything he wanted in a woman and the both of them never had lasting relationships because they were meant to be together. They tried to move on and forget about each other but that would never happen as they were meant to walk hand in hand for the remainder of their lives.